Cramhole #3

I finally got #3 off to the printers today. Both Dorothy Gambrell and Mr. Chen have returned with drawings for #3. Also, Danny Martin who draws Publick Occurances has contributed to this issue. I feel like this is the best one yet. I am hoping to put together a sort of “release party” in April. I am working on getting Vinyl Scrapyard around for a few more screenings and have been submitting record reviews to Razorcake and going to school full time and doing an internship. I am hoping to work on a novel I have outlined over the summer, so I am staying busy myself. With Mr. Chen leaving Tucson, I am moving slower as he was my technical adviser on most production issues. I am still pretty computer illiterate, but the actual comic is at the printer, so keep an eye out and I’ll write in with any updates. 

Cramhole #3 posted March 6, 2009 in: Writing | Comments (0)
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