I got an A in my final German class. I have been stressing about that for over two years, but I will finally get the degree I earned from the University of Arizona. I can’t count the number of hours of sleep I lost over that debacle.┬áSo much so, it doesn’t even seem like a victory. Just an annoying errand. But it’s done. I’m supposed to get my degree in the mail. I’m taking bets on if or not it will say Allen Billups.

I have been enjoying life without television for the last year. I know it makes me sound like a snob, but I can’t help it. I am approaching a full draft of The League (still working title) and I enjoy being away from it and listening to records. I still watch a few things on the computer. I think if I had cable, I would be paying $70 a month to watch Predator nine times a year.

I don’t have much to report except that I’ve been working on the book and feeling like it is on track. I have not had any successful pitches into magazines lately. Here are some recent re-ish and new acquisitions I am working on reviews for:


All good stuff. I haven’t been doing any used shopping lately. Just haven’t been out. I was hoping to be filling in at a shop on Record Store Day, but that fell through. Also had plans to go to DC Record Fair but couldn’t get off work. Oh well. Still have loads of records to go through anyway.


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