I don’t know how often people look at this, but people at my job have been fostering this dog for a while, so I thought I would repost this in case anyone on the east coast is looking in. Also, I got really tired of looking at that braces taking over scene from Poltergeist II that I put up. Upon repeated viewings, those screen grabs are pretty gross.

Nothing much else is happening. I’ve been writing regularly on the book. I am hoping for a showable draft before  long. I’m still waiting for a grade, but the classes are fading into the rearview for me. Besides that, I have been doing a lot of reading a lot. Hot Stuff: Disco and the Remaking of American Culture was a really good crash course in disco culture. I have been reading hoping to find a jumping off point on research for an article about Patrick Cowley, a disco producer and musician who seems to have influenced 80s dance music. I have been unwittingly covering his song “Teen Planet” for a couple of years without learning too much about him. He seems to have been working mostly during the Hi-NRG phase of dance music,  but “Teen Planet” translates as a rocker to me.

I’ve been reading enough to realize that books I like to read are not readily available at book stores, presuming you can find one. I’m starting to think we need a book store day. But I am glad to hear that Record Store Day has been a success for a few friend’s shops. Now we just need to make the other 364 days of the year record store day and we’ll have something. Not trying to be negative. Or maybe trying not to be negative even though I am thinking it a little. Either way, I’m feeling positive.

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Here is a series of screen grabs that sheds light on why Poltergeist 2 was not as good as Poltergeist. The kid’s braces taking over his face was not a scary as the father pulling his face off in the first installment. I’m still have a mind to watch part 3.

I’ve been on a weird schedule lately where I go to work, come home and sleep, write, and then clean house. If I stay awake, it’s movie time. I made popcorn at 10:30 tonight. I don’t know why I am so off, but it is working for me. I have made a lot of progress on the book. Being through with the class has made me feel like a real person again. I’ve been reading a lot too.

As of now I am through with my class and awaiting a grade. Work has been great as the weather has been good and I have been getting home in time to do loads of writing. I still hope to have a draft of The League very soon.

Besides Poltergeist 2, I have seen some pretty good movies. I liked The Muppets. Often modernizing old pop culture phenomena really ruins it, but I really feel like they captured the tone of the Muppets and wrote  in a good plot line. I also liked  Melancholia. In the vein of the end of the world scenarios, I really liked a film I saw called Take Shelter. Take Shelter was an good take on the use of an unreliable narrator. I’d recommend that one highly.

I’ve been bummed about my healthcare lately. Lutheran Hospital has been so consistently bad that I am switching doctors. I hope the new group will be able to keep a schedule. Since I have quit Lutheran, I keep reading books and seeing movies where people have problems with Cancer. I start the new place in June. Hopefully they will help me manage this better. As of the last check up, I am still Cancer free, so I generally feel I have nothing to worry about.

I wanted to elaborate more, but I also want to eat this popcorn. Popcorn wins.

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