I won’t feel on track until we finally play a show again, but after a year of re-learning and new writing, The Basement Apartments feel solid and ready to try it out on another region of the country. We all moved to Tucson and back. What a ride. We’ll either be coming at you like a rocket, or just ride this bandcamp thing for a while.

The Basement Apartments

Drawing for the Cramhole animated piece has resumed over the past few weeks as well. I can’t say when that will be done, but it’s happening.

The big news is that the fucking German class that I have been struggling with since “graduation” is finally concluding. Next Friday I take my final exam. 40 lessons and four exams later, I will go from a useless Creative Writing major to a useless University of Arizona graduate. Did I mention I don’t live in Tucson anymore? Yea, the whole thing confuses me too. The cancer thing mixes in, but basically it still boils my blood too much to get into it. If you are following the saga, it draws to a close. I feel like a new human. Happier than I have been for a long time, although it troubles me to write about it being over for fear of jinxing it. I am getting As on the assignments, so I have no reason to think that they are dogging me. I want to type curse words now, so let’s move on.

After my final on Friday, I am going to open my draft of The League (working title) and concentrate on that for the rest of the year. The thought of working on the book with a clear head is exciting. One way or the other, plans for this book to come out are solid for the end of the year. Look for updates and excerpts. Boogaloo.





I found another cat scare in Roger Corman’s Humanoids from the Deep (1980). The movie was pretty entertaining, borrowing heavily from H.P Lovecraft stories and Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979). Vic Morrow is the only notable cast member. He plays a bigoted ┬ábusinessman who wants a cannery opened in the town. Why was Morrow always saddled with racially questionable characters? There is something about him that is believable as the small town, angry white man. The cannery thing is really a side plot; it has little to do with the town being overrun by fish heads. The fish creatures adhere to the slasher trope that young people who get naked are doomed. However, unlike the cannery subplot, the nudity does (or tries to) have something to do with the plot. I’ll leave that as a surprise.

Corman should have adhered to Lovecraft’s concept of the fear of the unknown. These creatures had huge brains and long arms, however they didn’t act like it.

A tasteful shot from the point of view of a humanoid. You would think these people would have noticed a giant fish person standing this close, but I don’t think that is the point of this shot.



I’m really excited that I got to contribute a review of a recent Gories performance for The Brooklyn Rail. They are always way awesome. Their first three albums are essential listening in my book.

The Gories in The Brooklyn Rail

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