Mike Watt at the Bell House

I got to cover a recent Mike Watt performance at The Bell House last month. Here’s a link to the review in The Brooklyn Rail.





If the hurricane gave me anything, it was this awesome double feature.

I wish Rob Zombie would remake Halloween III. His short attention span shooting style would bring a lot to this media heavy narrative. I heard the Blu Ray has a “making of” documentary. I would give anything (except the cost of a Blu Ray player) to see that.

The Punisher (1989) always takes a beating from comic and movie fans. I don’t know why. This movie has a strong comic book feel. Smart talking gangsters, Yakuza, and a high body count makes the film for me. I didn’t see the more modern one. I’m sure it could be good, but I think Dolf Lundgren is The Punisher. I still don’t get why the torture guy is wearing red pumps when he gets overtaken. Great mysteries of the movies.

I didn’t expect to be off on Tuesday as well, but I am approaching the end of another draft of The League. I think I have a readable version for the end of the year. Time to do something about it.




Me at The Cake Shop: 10/8. Glad to be behind a bass.




The Tough Shits- Tucson Weekly

Here is a link to a recent review I had published in The Tucson Weekly. I’ve been enjoying this record. The cover of this record is awesome. It was drawn by Avi Spivak who does Human Being Lawnmower. I’ve only recently discovered the zine, but it is everything I want in a rock and roll zine.

I sent in a review of the album to Razorcake as well. along with a review of  Wired Up! a collection of European album sleeves from glam and powerpop band from 1970-1976. If you love album art and interviews with musicians as much as I do, you should check it out. I got mine at Desert Island Comics. It’s always fun to walk into a shop like that and buy a book you are looking for. Here is a review I read in Vol.1 Brooklyn.

Wired Up!

Human Being Lawnmower

Also had our first show as The Basement Apartments in a while at The Cake Shop. It’s good to play a show again. I realized I almost went all year without playing a show. Acorn Bcorn and LaDefense were both awesome. Good times. We are recording a mix of the old songs and new songs at the practice space. Hope to have something to show for that soon.
This is a big reviewing month for me because I’m writing about the Mike Watt show at The Bell House this week for The Brooklyn Rail. Also making fair progress on The League. I am hoping to have a second draft soon. At least before the end of the year, but likely before. Anyway, that’s what I’m up to recently. Rock and roll. Hope you are well. You personally.


THE BASEMENT APARTMENTS- 10/08 @ Cake Shop w/ Acorn Bcorn

We return…

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