This week a review I wrote for the Tucson Weekly about the new Dwarves album is in the paper. Here is a link to the online version:

The Dwarves

Things have been going pretty well. We restocked Cramhole at Smash!, Goner, and Microcosm this week. Still working on the animation piece. It is going pretty well.

Also finished a draft of The League (working title) this week. As the book comes together I am getting more excited about it. It is going from skeleton to gross thing with some flesh on it.

And with all that on the table, I am off to walk dogs!!!


The Humpty Dance

This week I actually fired up the Ampeg for the first time in months. This monstrosity of an amplifier has been a curse, especially moving across the country. After Tucson amp genius John Markovich got it running full speed, I didn’t have the heart to get rid of it. So here it sits. After months of inactivity and a trip across the country in a Pods brand storage unit, it sounds pretty good next to my couch. It’s too fucking big to take to practice.

The Basement Apartments have been practicing and are starting to sound like a real band again. We are polishing a ten-song set that consists of our favorites of the old and new songs we are working on together.

I have also finished what I believe to be a first draft of a book I have been working on for the past couple of years that I have been writing under the title of The League. It is a pretty jagged draft, so don’t look for any good news about it for a while, but I feel as if a complete story exists on the pages and I feel like the story is developing a life of its own.

We had a great drive through D.C. to Charlottesville during the hurricane. I was carrying records and books I wanted to sell; I think the neighbors thought we were bugging out because of the storm. I didn’t get to all my usual places, but I did get to stop by Record and Tape Exchange in Fairfax. Always glad to see that place is still going strong. Also got to Black Gold in Brooklyn last week thanks to Joao. That is the most record shopping I have done since I moved to Brooklyn. I found good stuff in both places.

We also took a turn working on the Cramhole animation we are calling Vinyl Countdown. Mr. Chen and I set out to work in a coffee shop, but ended up in a McDonalds because the café was too crowded. I felt a lot less pretentious working in McDonalds. We also saw a guy in a Digital Underground t-shirt making McDonalds my place of choice to have work sessions. I recommend the cola.

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