Razorcake 63  is out. This ish has an interview I did with Found Footage Festival creators Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett. I am pretty proud of how it came out. Found Footage Festival DVDs are guaranteed laughs.

Still working on an interview with an excellent band called The Overnight Lows and still sending interview requests to John Waters. I think perhaps I am being naive that that will ever happen, but one can hope. I’ve probably accidentally achieved stalker status.

We have been practicing as The Basement Apartments again. Things are sounding A-OK so far. New songs are coming together and the old songs are sounding less like new songs. R’n’R.

I have been working on a novel about a guy who moves to the southwest and becomes confused. I have been calling it The League for a while, although I have discovered  recently that this is the title of a popular television show. I guess I’m changing the title, but I haven’t thought of anything catchier.

I am now in a regular dog walking route. Knowing where to go every day is a big plus. As a creature of habit, it is good for me to know where to be. Big projects for me right now are finishing a draft of the book, continuing to finish the cursed German class, and getting rid of Tuberculosis, which I just discovered I have. After last year’s cancer, I have decided to become a collector of fine, antiquated diseases. Next up: Leprosy. Anyone who wants to trade Leprosy for Tuberculosis, just give me a call.