I don’t know how much this will interest anyone, but we had a Basement Apartments practice last week. First one in a long while. Been writing a bit and trying to remember old songs. I hope we are gonna play before too long.



I have been getting to know Brooklyn via dog walking recently. I am getting a lot out of working on the book in the mornings and walking dogs in the afternoons. Except for the heat, I have been faring pretty well. Feel like I am in better shape and getting a crash course in Brooklyn geography. I’ve seen a mother holding a baby kick a moving van. I also saw Gibby Haynes walking around. I wish I had been walking a Greyhound, he probably would have stopped and said hello. I did do a sort of embarrassing double-take. He might have been impressed to have been recognized.

Sleep is playing in NY this week. I am still on the fence about going. It is pretty cool that they are playing, but nobody seems interested in joining. Standing around alone at a strange venue is a little depressing. Read Thomas Berger’s Neighbors this week. Really nice book about paranoia. I always liked the Belushi/Akroid film based on the book, but the book has a Kafka-esque reflection on suburban routine that really is absent in the film. Makes me want to see the movie again anyway. Despite the negative reviews, I think it is an underrated film.


I haven’t had much to write about recently, but I am psyched to have a review come out in the Brooklyn Rail this month. I reviewed a recent Holly Golightly show at the Knitting Factory in NYC. Other than that, it has been a lot of dog walking and a lot or sore feet. More feet than I have. I have actually had to rent feet to accommodate the soreness.

Holly Golightly

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