Man, I had a wild experience last night. I was seeing Guitar Wolf at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. The singer, Seiji, known for pretty wild stage antics, was teasing the crowd by waving his hands over the audience. Everybody would raise thier hands up when he hovered. I did as well; I thought he was threatening to stage dive or something. Suddenly, I felt his hand on mine. He grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the stage. I had no idea why. Nobody else did that I could tell either. When I got to the stage all the hands behind me started pushing me up. I sort of ungracefully walrused on to the stage, bag and all. I was so dumbfounded and nervous I couldn’t think straight. Then he flung his guitar strap over my neck. The guitar started feeding back and I had no idea what to do. He kept staring at me and jumping Johnny Thunders style into the air, so I started doing the same. The crowd started going nuts: I guess some people understood what was happening, but I was still agape. Then he leaned over to my ear and I leaned in laughing waiting for some instruction and he yelled “Rock and Roll!!!” into my ear. I was still pretty dumbfounded, and I was afraid to play his SG, but I didn’t know what else to do. I hit an A and rode it and the band started going crazy. He kept pushing me in front of the crowd and people were waving their hands and we kept jumping up and down. The crowd abliged this little rock and roll fantasy for several minutes pretending I was good. I gave him his guitar back and started back for backstage and the roadie pointed towards the front of the stage. I thought he was insisting that I stage dive, so I did. I turns out, you just can’t go that way. Seiji yelling “Rock and Roll!!!” into my ear was definitely one of the more sublime moments in my life. The extra-awesome thing is that I was covering the show for the Brooklyn Rail. Guess they’ll be getting a good review.



This morning when  I woke up, there was a guy at the top of this tower. I have this point and shoot I got as a gift, but for some reason I never take pictures. Anyway, by the time I figured it out, the guy was down. I took the shot anyway and sort of liked what was going on with the light.

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