An interview I did recently with “Repo Man” director Alex Cox was posted yesterday. I saw Mr. Cox speak recently at a screening of a Straight to Hell. He has a new book about Spaghetti westerns.

Alex Cox


Man, I forgot how much looking for a job sucks. I have actually had to fill out applications recently. Talk about something that makes you feel 18 again. Not the good kind of 18, but that 18 where you are totally self-conscious about every inch of yourself. I start sweating as I casually try to figure out if what I wrote on the application matches what is on the resume. It’s not that I am a liar so much, I just can’t remember any of that stuff. I am probably too honest. I don’t remember the name of the dog walking company I worked for in DC, or the name of my manager at Olsson’s. That place hasn’t been there for years. I miss Olsson’s. I had almost forgotten about it until the other day I was trying to remember why I thought I had worked in a book store once. I kept thinking ‘Smash has a lot more books at one point.’ I guess most people keep that information on hand.

Oh yea, I think the problem is that I have had too many jobs. That caches up to you in your forties.


New York is, however, alright if you like Saxophones. And bands. I got to see the Overnight Lows the other night. I also got an interview with them for Razorcake.  I don’t know why, but I am blown away that they are from Jackson. I have tried over and over to find something going on in Jackson, then I catch this band in New York. What a country!!!


Those of you interested, I have the internet back up and running in my life. I hate having something like that run me, but it is hard to look for a job any other way. I have become a lost child without the internet. I couldn’t find the library. I went to a coffee shop to use the internet the other afternoon and all the tables were taken up, so I figured I could find another coffee shop. It would have helped to have the internet. Then I could have found another one. My resourcefulness had got to get an upgrade over the next few weeks or I am doomed.

Since I have been trying to be frugal in my first weeks, I feel as if most of my free time has been spent walking the dog or moving the car from one side of the street to the other. I have discovered a couple of things about New York in my short time here.

One is that New Yorkers like straws. You get a straw with every purchase.

Another thing is that New Yorkers like things in bags. One thing I like about Coca Cola is that it is already portable. The bag and straw weigh me down.

Another thing that is big here is YELP. I noticed a YELP sticker on the Toxic Ranch door for years, but for some reason never bothered investigating what it was. Now I know. YELP is big in NY. When we were looking stuff up the other day, we noticed that the Burger King in our neighborhood had a bad YELP review. That works on a lot of levels for me. For one, I can’t imagine taking the time to YELP about a Burger King. But more disturbing is that a Burger King experience was so negative that it required feedback. Burger King on its own seems like a bad experience. I am not judging; I eat gross stuff as well. But I know what I am getting into.  If I went into a Del Taco and saw the employees swinging from each others balls, I might leave and warn a few people on my way out. But I generally live with the idea that, at some point, I have eaten food that someone else has had sex with.

A few of you have done mail orders from me and should have received an email that they are going to be late, and I thank you for your patience. We shipped our things out East by way of PODS. Because we made our way across the country lackadaisically, we only got our stuff this week. We threw away a ton of shit before we left Tucson, but we are still up to our necks in boxes. Still, Cramhole issues have been located and mail orders have been packed up, so look for those in the post.

As far as PODS goes, they did a good job. I don’t know of I would YELP about it, but that was a good experience for what it is worth.


If anyone is interested, I am A-OK! Still looking for work, but I am settling into a new apartment in Brooklyn and doing fine. Still without the internet at the apartment, but checking email. I have had a couple of mail orders that will go out next week as my stuff is not here yet. Our stuff arrives Saturday. We have been living in a stuff- free apartment all week. More soon…

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