We got the Creamys CD in today. Want one? Only 100 made. And it will not be repressed, unless we send an email to the pressing place specifying that it be repressed, so hurry up and order this slab of rock and roll history before it gets shoved under my bed behind unsold issues of Cramhole.

11 songs. $7 postage paid



The Tucson Weekly had some nice things to say about our show with Acorn Bcorn and Nobunny.

The Creamys



Thanks to those who came out and said hello at the Nobunny show last night. That was a great line up. It is likely to be the last Creamys show for a long time. As I dig in to my fourth decade, being in a rock and roll band feels like more of a pain in the ass, but last night’s show reminded me that it can still be a good time. We finished recording the CD. Since people seem to like artwork on a CD, we are still working on it. Check back if you are interested: information will be posted.

 As the time to leave AZ approaches, I become more attached to Tucson. School consumed so much of my mental energy while I was here I feel as if I never really explored the area. A professor I was fond of died last year after our class. I remember him telling me how he always got to know an area when he moved. The way he spoke about it, I thought he was a Tucson native, but it turns out he was from New Jersey. I have moved so many places and all I can remember is what the regional grocery store is called. I went to five different High Schools and if I have to take my last German class in Queens, that will be six colleges I have attended at different times in my life. I can’t help but feel like I have fucked up along the way.

I am one German class away from graduating and it is not being offered by the U of A correspondence. I am tired of freaking out about this stuff though. I guess eventually it is going to work out. Ironically, my German is getting better.


I also saw The Illusionist this weekend.  Sylvain Chomet, creator of the Triplets of Bellville, has animated an unproduced Jacques Tati script that features Tati’s signature M. Hulot persona. Chomet’s animation captures the nuances of Tati’s world view. It is hard not to be distracted by contemplating what Tati would have done with the live action performance, but Chomet does justice to the script and this important film legacy. Fans of Tati will not want to miss this resurrection. It is at The Loft this week and worth seeing on the big screen. I will miss The Loft and Casa Video quite a lot. Shows where I spent my time in Tucson.


Speaking of The Loft, The Found Footage Festival is returning to Tucson on February 26th. I was able to finagle an interview for an upcoming issue of Razorcake. This show is always guaranteed laughs.

Good times had by all.





I can’t believe a month has gone by without me writing anything. I have been pursuing some interviews for Razorcake, but nothing much has happened besides that. I have had my head buried in these correspondence German classes I need to complete my degree at the U of A. I am almost through the first class. It has been a major hassle, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The Creamys will be opening for Nobunny and Acorn Bcorn this Sunday, February 13th at Solar Culture. We have bandied the idea of putting together another show, but time is ticking away, so this might be the last Creamys show as Amy and I are slated to leave Tucson at the end of this month. We are working on a commemorative CD of the songs we wrote to be released when it gets done. Unfortunately, the CD will not be done for the show.

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