Here is a link to  review I did for the Tucson Weekly. The Resonars is one of my favorite overlooked bands. This is a re-issue of their excellent Bright and Dark LP released by Burger Records. Burger has been putting out excellent stuff lately.  Burger Records

The Resonars- Bright and Dark (Burger Records)


Even for a slasher film, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood is pretty stupid.
1) Is Jason sponsored by a power tool company? Where does he keep getting that stuff?
2) Why is everyone in this house having sex at the same time? Did they coordinate this?
3) How is Jason, who is essentially a walking corpse at this point, able to disconnect the power in the house when he does not seem to fully comprehend the semantics of walking around a wall?
4)  Where did the cat in the closet come from? Was that cat sitting in the closet the whole time, including the time since the last renters left the house?
5) As the movie nears the end, why does the killer find the need to stop and confront at the people he is chasing? Wouldn’t that time be better spent running? Particularly as, by the end of the story, the remaining people have figured out something is wrong. He is waiting for them to think: Oh, that’s what all this is about.

Is there anything redeemable about the film? Yes. Someone does get killed with a party horn, and it does honk when the person is stabbed with it.

Maybe the movie is ruined by the fact that it’s Sunday morning at 8:45. I have been getting up super early recently. I realized I haven’t written here in about a month. I have spent too many extra days at Lutheran Hospital doing cancer follow up. It has been over a year since the surgery and chemotherapy. I seem to be OK, but  all the following up that goes on when someone is cured in the movies is never portrayed. It’s like: “Yea, cancer’s over. Let’s get a milkshake.”

No milkshake for me, but I still try to remember all the faces I saw at the chemo treatment center, a percentage of which likely have passed by now. So I feel fortunate to be mostly cancer free. I am still waiting for tests.

I have also been buried by my final German class. That has been a pain in the ass for two years, but there is light at the end of that tunnel.

I have a draft of The League (working title) done, but I can tell it already needs a lot of work. I have put it down for a few weeks so I can knock out the bulk of these last German lessons. But I am enthusiastic that some of you will be seeing it within the year however we decide to get it done.

As far as active writing, I have a piece in the upcoming Tucson Weekly. I have also been working on some short stories recently. It’s about time I posted a few new ones.
Well, seems like a relatively mundane post, but things are going well. This is going to be the year to escalate.



Razorcake 63  is out. This ish has an interview I did with Found Footage Festival creators Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett. I am pretty proud of how it came out. Found Footage Festival DVDs are guaranteed laughs.

Still working on an interview with an excellent band called The Overnight Lows and still sending interview requests to John Waters. I think perhaps I am being naive that that will ever happen, but one can hope. I’ve probably accidentally achieved stalker status.

We have been practicing as The Basement Apartments again. Things are sounding A-OK so far. New songs are coming together and the old songs are sounding less like new songs. R’n’R.

I have been working on a novel about a guy who moves to the southwest and becomes confused. I have been calling it The League for a while, although I have discovered  recently that this is the title of a popular television show. I guess I’m changing the title, but I haven’t thought of anything catchier.

I am now in a regular dog walking route. Knowing where to go every day is a big plus. As a creature of habit, it is good for me to know where to be. Big projects for me right now are finishing a draft of the book, continuing to finish the cursed German class, and getting rid of Tuberculosis, which I just discovered I have. After last year’s cancer, I have decided to become a collector of fine, antiquated diseases. Next up: Leprosy. Anyone who wants to trade Leprosy for Tuberculosis, just give me a call. 




Here is a link to a review of a recent Guitar Wolf show I wrote for The Brooklyn Rail. They kick ass always and forever!!!

Guitar Wolf


Man, I had a wild experience last night. I was seeing Guitar Wolf at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. The singer, Seiji, known for pretty wild stage antics, was teasing the crowd by waving his hands over the audience. Everybody would raise thier hands up when he hovered. I did as well; I thought he was threatening to stage dive or something. Suddenly, I felt his hand on mine. He grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the stage. I had no idea why. Nobody else did that I could tell either. When I got to the stage all the hands behind me started pushing me up. I sort of ungracefully walrused on to the stage, bag and all. I was so dumbfounded and nervous I couldn’t think straight. Then he flung his guitar strap over my neck. The guitar started feeding back and I had no idea what to do. He kept staring at me and jumping Johnny Thunders style into the air, so I started doing the same. The crowd started going nuts: I guess some people understood what was happening, but I was still agape. Then he leaned over to my ear and I leaned in laughing waiting for some instruction and he yelled “Rock and Roll!!!” into my ear. I was still pretty dumbfounded, and I was afraid to play his SG, but I didn’t know what else to do. I hit an A and rode it and the band started going crazy. He kept pushing me in front of the crowd and people were waving their hands and we kept jumping up and down. The crowd abliged this little rock and roll fantasy for several minutes pretending I was good. I gave him his guitar back and started back for backstage and the roadie pointed towards the front of the stage. I thought he was insisting that I stage dive, so I did. I turns out, you just can’t go that way. Seiji yelling “Rock and Roll!!!” into my ear was definitely one of the more sublime moments in my life. The extra-awesome thing is that I was covering the show for the Brooklyn Rail. Guess they’ll be getting a good review.



This morning when  I woke up, there was a guy at the top of this tower. I have this point and shoot I got as a gift, but for some reason I never take pictures. Anyway, by the time I figured it out, the guy was down. I took the shot anyway and sort of liked what was going on with the light.

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An interview I did recently with “Repo Man” director Alex Cox was posted yesterday. I saw Mr. Cox speak recently at a screening of a Straight to Hell. He has a new book about Spaghetti westerns.

Alex Cox



This has been one of my favorite books of late. Here is a link to an interview I did with Destroy All Movies!!! editor Zack Carlson for Razorcake Magazine.

Zack Carlson



 Walking and drinking and visiting more than one bar a night for a couple of nights has recharged me a bit. I occasionally felt as if I were hibernating in Tucson. I was able to temporarily forget that I am homeless, jobless, and all my things are bouncing around in a box that I have no control over. George Carlin was onto something when he said that everyone needs a place for their stuff. It can become unnerving. After a night of what at my age would be called debauchery, we got around to some of the Virginia record stores. I was glad to see that so many stores are thriving around DC. Crooked Beat, Red Onion, and, of course, Smash are all still going. We also hit some of the elusive Virginia stores.

Record and Tape Exchange in Fairfax is still going. Besides some nice records, they also got a load of $1 albums and I noticed some killer cheap oldies in the Rock and Roll section. RTX has been there forever: I’m glad to see it’s still there. RTX

I didn’t make it to CD Cellar in Falls Church, but the one in Arlington is killer. I feel as if I am back in the land of record stores when I am in there. CD Cellar  They have great stuff, including a couple of $3 sections that contain some quality records.

This weekend we will cross the line into New York City.  I am cutting myself off from shopping while I am there.  Driving around talking about records is pretty much my favorite thing, but the reality that I am homeless and jobless is starting to sink in. I hope we find an apartment, or at least the hope of an apartment.


We spent some time with family in Mississippi and then moved on to a friend’s house in Athens, Georgia. Athens distinguishes itself as another liberal stronghold in a conservative state similar to Austin. It is nice to  spend an entire afternoon shopping for records and still feel as if you have not seen everything. I love Tucson, but it doesn’t take long before you feel as if you have seen every record available for sale. I did not find the elusive Pylon record I was hoping to find, but i guess it is presumptuous to assume you could find that in Athens.  On one hand, you don’t expect people will be selling their Athens related albums in Athens. On the other hand, you can appreciate being from DC and always seeing a Minor Threat album in the record stores there.

Wuxtry was a good place to shop. There was a massive selection and the store was well organized.  I found many slabs there.

The Schoolkids Records in Athens was a little sparse, but I found a Serge Gainsborg record and this


The commercial for this record came on over and over again when they were selling it on TV, but I have never seen the album in person. Do you remember this? “No my brother… You’re gonna have to buy your own.”

We made it to The Grit, a well known veg restaurant that wins not only for the food, but also for having a painting of Shirley Hemphill on the wall.


We have arrived in Virginia relatively unscathed. Not much interesting to write about huh? As a testament to how uneventful things have been, I am watching The Howing on cable right now. I have never herd of FEAR.NET before, but I am pretty happy about it.

New York City has been my white whale for many years. Ahab did not have a realtor, so I hope the next step is going to go smoothly.

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