Leslie Nielsen (1926 -2010)

This is a serious bummer.



Issue #59 of Razorcake contains an interview I wrote with actress Mary Woronov. Her extensive and unique career is going to be the subject of an upcoming documentary slated for early 2011. She was really cool to talk to, so check out the interview if you haven’t already picked up the latest Razorcake. Here is a link to the ordering info on their website: Razorcake- 59. There are also copies at Toxic Ranch in Tucson and Smash! in D.C.

Otherwise, things have been a bit dull. I’m trying to set up an interview with actress Jessica Harper for Shock Cinema, one of my favorite movie mags. Shock Cinema does excellent interviews, so I hope I can rally.  Ms. Harper has been in touch and super nice, but some problems with school and a recent misfire with a favorite filmmaker of mine has taught me not to count my chickens before they hatch. Still, it’s looking good.



Great stuff in the new Nobunny record. Here is a link to a review I wrote for the Tucson Weekly.

First Blood

There is a reason I never go on medical websites. Just one episode of King of the Hill convinced me that I have Irritable Male Syndrome.  If you add up the evidence, it makes sense. I am an irritated and middle aged. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together…


This weekend I dove into the Loft Film Fest. They have had some amazing guests, including Griffin Dunne from one of my personal, all time favorite movies After Hours. I also got to see Alex Cox speak after a screening of a new cut of Straight to Hell. To see such cult heavyweights in a small theater is pretty awesome. Here is a link to some notes I wrote about the fest:  Loft Film Fest. There are still a lot of screenings taking place throughout the week. Other than that, things have been pretty slow. Just school, work, and doctors. Mundane.

I show After Hours to people often. Someone recently pointed out to me that they would not have rented it based on the artwork.  I’ve been looking at it for so long, it never really occurred to me that the poster does not do it much justice.



This was a pretty stellar weekend as Tucson Comic Con and the Tucson Record Show were both happening. I sold loads of Cramhole and found some great stuff, just like the guy in this photo.


Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Cramhole table Saturday and made some much needed room in my comic crate. People walked away with various issues of Cramhole and it really inspired me to work on #4. Plus I found a guy with some great vids. I got a copy of Terror Vision (1986) which features Mary Woronov. I got to interview Ms. Woronov for an upcoming issue of Razorcake and she mentions liking this out of print gem. I also found a copy of The Keep (1983). The guy has a great selection and working on his website, so I’ll link it when it gets done.


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