Groove Tomb Playlist: March 31, 2010

The Chumps- 7-11

The Eddie Current Suppression Ring- I Got a Feeling

Active Dog- Fun While It Lasts

Big Star- In the Street

Angry Samoans- Gimmie Sopor

Thee Headcoates- Sticks and Stones

The Buzzcocks- Love You More

The Duals- Stick Shift

Jim Murphy- Plumb Crazy

The Customs- Strychnine


Shirley Ellis- Soul Time

The Flowers- After Dark

The Nuns- Savage

Hubble Bubble You’ll Be the One

Descendents- Ride the Wild

Jet- Nothing to Do With Us


Roky Erickson- Red Temple Prayer

Monster Pussy- My Subaru

Joey Warren- Goatee

The Shirks- Rat on a Rat

The Kids- Baby That’s Alright

Defex- Psycho Surfer

The Makers- Live or Die

The Charts- Ooba Gooba


The Murmaids- Popsicles and Icicles

The Eddie Current Suppression Ring- Anxiety

The Overnight Lows- So Well Read

Los Explosivos- Quiza

Naked Raygun- Blight

The Plugz- Let Go

Phil Gray- Pepper Hot Baby

The Quotations- Imagination


The Pretty Things- Old Man Going

The Who- I Can’t Reach You

Rank and File- I Went Walking

The Downliner’s Sect- Glendora

The Registrators- I Just Wanna Kille Everything

The Peels- Fun


The Replacements- Hangin’ Downtown

The Plimsouls- Everywhere At Once

The Rolling Stones- Shake Your Hips

The Symbols- Do the Zombie

The Royal Jokers- You Tickle Me Baby

Really Red- Crowd Control

Sir Douglas Quintet- Quarter to Three


The 1980s was a terrible decade for hair and a great decade for horror. Here are links to a couple of recent writings about movies that will throw some intentional scares and an occasional unintentional laugh your way.

The House by the Cemetery (1981)

The Return of the Living Dead (1985)


I break with thee, I break with thee, I break with thee, and then I throw dog poop on your shoes.

If anyone is looking in because I closed down my social network pages (myspace, facebook), understand that it’s not you, it’s me.

I have been extremely bummed out recently and, while I don’t really have anything against social websites per se, being on social networks makes me feel like a sell out. Besides that, I don’t think I have the capacity for the mental clutter that it brings on. These websites act as a constant reminder of a lifetime of people I have failed to connect with on a meaningful level. Not only that, but I am realizing that I just don’t have anything to say. When I do, it takes more than 400 words and I obsess over it.

This may be a bi-product of depression, but I am going to look at the clearing of my mental clutter as a sign of better things to come. Those of you I know, I like, but I’m too neurotic to know what you guys are thinking all the time.

If you are looking at this, you are probably not among those who post their breakfast menus on Facebook, and are therefore free to write for ‘updates.’ 

Groove Tomb Playlist: March 24, 2010

The Replacements- Alex Chilton

The Box Tops- Trains, Boats, and Planes

Shannon and the Clams- Troublemaker

The Stranglers- No More Heroes

Sir Laurence and the Crescents- Cheatin’ on Me

Johnny Kidd and the Pirates- Casting My Spell on You


Billy Mack- Son of a Lover

MAceo- Future Shock

Monster Pussy- Invite Me to Your All Girl Party

Vice Squad- Stand Tall, Stand Proud

The Registrators- Kids and Executives

The Overnight Lows- So Well Read


20/20- Yellow Pills

The Runaways- You Drive Me Wild

The Weirdos- Destroy All Music

The Plimsouls- Zero Hour

Al’s Untouchables- Come on Baby

The Flies- Talk to Me

The Selector- Three Minute Hero


Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers- I Wanna Be Loved

The Nervous Eaters- Loretta

The Bags- We Will Bury You

Ty Wagner and the Scotchmen- I’m A No Count

The Chiefs- Apache

Arch Hall Jr.- Theme from Eegah

The Clash- Safe European Home


The Flaming Groovies- Shake Some Action

The Mekons- Like Spoons No More

The Nerves- Hangin’ on the Telephone

Hubble Bubble- Freaks…Out!

The Motors- Dancing the Night Away

The Regular Guys- Person to Avoid

The Undertones- Teenage Kicks


The Testors- Together

The Only Ones- Another Girl, Another Planet

Devo- Mechanical Man

The Buzzcocks- Ever Fallen in Love?

The Sonics- He’s Waiting

The Animals-I’m Crying


The Groove Tomb- Garage. Punk. Horror. Other.

Tuesday Nights 12AM-2AM

91.3FM KXCI Tucson, Arizona.




For anyone interested parties living in Pima County, the library is now carrying DVDs of my first short film, a documentary I did a couple of years ago called Vinyl Scrapyard. It won’t change your life, but I enjoyed putting it together.

Pima County Library Catalogue


Roman Polanski’s latest film The Ghost Writer is a nod to Hitchcock as well as old Polanski. 

The Ghost Writer (2010)



Here is a link to my review of a remake of Geroge Romero’s 1973 film The Crazies.

The Crazies (2010)



The White Ribbon (2009)


<b>Shutter</b> <b>Island</b><b>The</b> <b>Wolfman</b>

Shutter Island (2010)

The Wolfman (2010) 

Here are some links to recent reviews I put up at Off the Marquee. Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things, but my numbers at that site have been up significantly recently, so if you are looking at those reviews, thanks a lot and keep it up. You are making a difference for me there.

Neither of those movies were particularly good in my opinion. So far, it has been a slow year for movies. I am looking forward to The White Ribbon this week. My Almodovar article has not been going so well, so I have been feeling a bit discouraged about my effectiveness as a writer. There are just weeks like that, I guess. I have been working on some new fiction recently. Maybe I will put up a new story soon.

I had a good double feature at home over the weekend. Big Stan (2007), Rob Schneider’s direct to video directorial debut and the recently released film about a famous man who has lived most of his life in the British prison system named Bronson (2010). Both were better than I thought they would be. It has inspired me to consider doing double feature reviews. I am gonna have to suss that out a little.

Hope all is well with you all…

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