I am sure this is a more naturally occurring phenomenon than I realize, but the marquee at the multiplex is currently hosting a load of generic film titles right now. This is no commentary on the movies, but it is a bit uninspired.

Cop Out

Valentine’s Day

Crazy Heart

Dear John

Tooth Fairy

Edge of Darkness

The Blind Side

When in Rome

Can you tell what are ANY of these movies about based on the titles?

They remind me of Seinfeld movie titles: Prognosis: Negative, Chunnel, Blame it on the Rain, Rochelle, Rochelle, Brown Eyed Girl, Firestorm, Ponce De Leon, Mountain High, Checkmate, Agent Zero, Sack Lunch, Death Blow, The Muted Heart.

Which ones did I miss? Oh yea, The English Patient. Who would believe a movie could be called that?


Here is a link to some recent Marquee posts.  Doesn’t it seem that there has been a lack of quality new films recently?  I haven’t been out much. I guess I have been sweating to the 80s.

 Get Crazy (1983) 


 Airplane! (1980)


Groove Tomb Playlist: Wednesday February 17th, 2010

The Overnight Lows- City of Rotten Eyes

Los Explosivos- Trampa Mortal

The Queers- I Hate Everything

The Crowd- Right Time

The Cramps- Domino

T- Model Ford- Salli MAe

Guitar Slim- The Cackle


The 5,6,7,8’s- Woo Hoo

The Cute Lepers- Terminal Boredom

The Plimsouls- Zero Hour

Robyn Hitchcock- Sleeping With the Devil’s Mask

The Boys- Sick on You

Love- Orange Skies


Johnny Vick & the Victors- Take a Trip

The Sonny Woods Group- Together

Deminios Negros- Coimbra

The Seeds- Can’t Seem to Make You Mine

The Germs- Lexicon Devil

Richard Hell- Down at the Rock and Roll Club

The Registrators- Angry Days


Dungen- Ta det Lugnt

Elvis Costello- I Don’t Want to Go To Chelsea

The Replacements- Customer

The 7th Son & the Rock in Airs- Modesty


Andre Williams- Bacon Fat

Eddie and Ernie- Bullets Don’t Have Eyes

T-Model Ford- My BAbe

The Pretty Things- Old Man Gone

U. Roy and John Holt- I’m Gonna Wear You to the Ball Tonight


The Buzzcocks- Love You MOre

The Vandals- Live Fast, Diarrhea

Naked Raygun- Blight

The Minutemen- Joe McCarthy’s Ghost

The Sonics- Maintaining My Cool

Alice Cooper- Mr. and Misdemeanor

The Customs- Strychnine

The Younger Lovers- Danny

Joey Warren- Goatee


The Groove Tomb- Garage. Punk. Horror. Other.

Tuesday Nights 12AM-2AM

91.3FM KXCI Tucson, Arizona.


Premiere: 'Faith of the Abomination'

 I recently had the opportunity to interview a lesbian couple who posed as man and wife to infiltrate a Evangelical Organization. The two made a documentary about their experience which premiers at the Loft Tuesday, February 16th at 7:30 PM.

Here is a link to the entire interview.

Faith of the Abomination


 There are two new releases on this week’s show that we’ll be playing as nauseum in the coming months:

OVERNIGHT LOWS, THE: City of Rotten Eyes (Goner) -Smokin’ garage punk in the speedy category

SHANNON AND THE CLAMS: I Wanna Go Home– (1-2-3-4-Go!) -Good bastardized ’50s pop sensibility. 

Currently working on full reviews.

Until then:

 Groove Tomb Playlist: February 3, 2010

The Overnight Lows-Eyesore

Los Explosivos- Trampa Mortal

Shannon and the Clams- Troublemaker

Richard Hell- Blank Generation

The Sheiks- I’ve Got to Give Up

The Devil Dogs- Get OUt

DRI- I Don’t Need Society

Cro MAgs- Don’t Tread On Me

Cockney Rejects- HEadbanger


The Ramones- Go Lil’ Camero Go

The Plugz- A Gain, A Loss

45 Grave- Partytime

? and the Mysterians- It’s NOt Easy

Os Claves- Onde Estao Os Velhos Tempos

Maceo- Future Shock Part ONe


Dick Dale- Del-Tone Rock

Bo Diddley- Cops and Robbers

Jon Spencer- Money Rock N’ ROll

The MOdern Lovers- Roadrunner

Lou Reed- Crazy Feeling

The Gurus- Contact


Mission of Burma- Donna Sumeria

Gary Numan- Me! I Disconnect from You

Big Star- IN the Street

Shannon and the Clams- Warlock in the Woods

The Nervous Eaters- Rock With Me

Los Explosivos- Luie Luie


The Overnight Lows- So Well Read

The Subhumans- Death to the Sickoids

The Customs- Long Gone

Bunny Wailer- Rastaman

Black Uhuru- Sinsemilla


Sam Cooke- Twistin’ the Night Away

DMZ- Teenage Letter

The Chumps- The Mall

The Zeroes- Don’t Push Me Around

The Rythem Rockets- MAdness

MC5- Shakin’ Street

Willie Dixon- Violent Love


The Groove Tomb- Garage. Punk. Horror. Other.

Tuesday Nights 12AM-2AM

91.3FM KXCI Tucson, Arizona.


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