Groove Tomb Playlist: January 26th, 2010

The Runaways- Cherry Bomb

Johnny Williams- Breaking Point

The Infections- Zombie

Eater- You

The Devil Dogs- Get Out

The Kidnappers- The Street Where I Live

The Younger Lovers -Danny

Johnny Thunders- Can’t Keep My Eyes ON You


Esquerita- Baby Come BAck

The Eat- Communist Radio

The Olympics- Western Movies

? and the Mysterians- 96 Tears

The Knockout Pills- Sunday Morning Drunk

Richard Hell- Down at the Rock and Roll Club

Channel 3- I Got a Gun

Dag Nasty- Values Here


The Creation- How Does it Feel to Feel?

Shirley Ellis- The Name Game

Thee Headcoats- I’m a Gamekeeper

The Kaisers- Shake Me

Cheap Trick- Surrender

The Chocolate Watchband- Are You Gonna Be There? (At the Love In)


Isaac Hayes- Hung Up on My Baby

Gene McDanields- Point of No Return

The Cure- A Night Like This

The Adverts- Gary Gilmore’s Eyes

Cocksparrer- Chip on Your Shoulder

Shonen Knife- Cookie Day


The Ramones- Rockaway Beach

The Ronettes- Baby, I Love You

Black Uhuru- Sensemilla

Clint Eastwood and General Saint- Nuclear Crisis

2-3- Where To Now?


Plastic Bertrand- Ca Plane Pour Moi

Blondie- Hangin’ on the Telephone

100 Flowers- Sensible Virgin

The Mekons- After 6

Crime- Hotwire My Heart


The Groove Tomb- Garage. Punk. Horror. Other.

Tuesday Nights 12AM-2AM

91.3FM KXCI Tucson, Arizona.



<b>Broken</b> <b>Embraces</b> (Los abrazos rotos)

Broken Embraces (2009)

Almodovar’s latest finally hit Tucson. I have been pretty knee-deep in Almodovar recently as I am working my way through his movies for a retrospective for Razorcake. His major distribution does not suit him as the movie has been out forever and I am just now getting to see it. But it was worth the wait.

Here is a link to the review:

Off the Marquee: Broken Embraces 



House of the Devil (2009)

I have been anxious for House of the Devil to make it to Tucson this week. Since I go to the movies often in the afternoons, I often am hangingn with the geriactric crowd. I wa surprised to see a few of them at this one. What do you think appealed to them about this. One of my faorite comments was: “that girl shouldn’t be walking around with a knife like that.” This is why a theater screening is so important. You won’t get that on a DVD. I really wish I could have had a focus group with those women and asked them what they thought should have happened in the movie. A woman goes to a strange house and babysits, and then goes home.

Here is a link to the full review:

Off the Marquee: House of the Devil

House of the Devil Official Web Site 



There are a couple of interesting movies playing at The Screening Room this weekend. I rented Blood Tea and Red String (2006) and thought it was a terrific fantasy tale with a Mulholland Drive atmosphere. You don’t see much stop-motion animation these days; this feature length film was masterful.

Off the Marquee 


 Groove Tomb Playlist: January 13th, 2010

Blanks 77- Party Train

Vice Squad- Stand Tall, Stand Proud

New York Dolls- Looking for a Kiss

The Eyes- I’m Rowed OUt

The Dills- Red Rockers

The Devils Dogs- Get OUt

The Replacements- Shiftless When Idle


MC5- Ramblin’ Rose

Dyke and the Blazers- Funky Broadway

Freddie King- Manhole

Elvis Costello- Hoover Factory

Eartha Kitt- I Wanna Be Evil


Roky Erickson- It’s a Cold Night for Alligators

Al’s Untouchables- Come On Baby

The Resonars- A Slice of Today

Johnny Thunders- Pirate Love

The Quick- Pretty Please

Ty Wagner and the Scotchmen- I’m a No Count


The Dogs- A Younger Point of View

The Illusions- I Know

Electric Frankenstein- I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk

The Jam- Billy Hunt

Richard Hell and the Voidoits- The Boy With the Replaceable Head

The Monks- Monktime

Jackie Wilson- Lonely Teardrops


Stiv Bators- Make Up Your Mind

The Boys- Brickfield Nights

Silver Apples- You And I

The Cramps- She Said

Siouxsie and the BAnshees- Love in a Void

Pink Floyd- Bike


? and the Mysterians- 96 Tears

Derrick Morgan- Look Before You Leap

The Clash- Pressure Drop

X Ray Spex- Oh! Bondage Up Yours!

The Flies- Talk To Me

The Flakes- That’s All

The Raincoats- No Side to Fall IN



The Groove Tomb- Garage. Punk. Horror. Other.

Tuesday Nights 12AM-2AM

91.3FM KXCI Tucson, Arizona.



Groove Tomb Playlist: January 6, 2010

MC5- Shakin’ Street

Chelsea- Urban Kids

The Dead Kennedys- Back in the USSR

Sham 69- Borstal Breakout

X-Ray-Spex- Art-I-Ficial

Circle Jerks- Deny Everything

The Adverts- The Adverts

The Raincoats- You’re a Million


The Dave Clark 5- Wild Weekend

The Kaisers- Paradiso Twist

Thee Mighty Ceasers- 1977

The Flakes- Let’s Talk About You

D.O.A.- Kill, Kill, This is Pop

The Seeds- It’s a HArd LIfe

The Flies- (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone

The Zakary Thaks- Mirror of Yesterday


Kashmere Stage Band- Scorpio

The Flirtations- Nothing But a HEartache

Johnny Thunders and the HEartbreakers- Do You Love Me?

The Ramones- Rockaway Beach

Roky Erickson- Creature With the Atom Brain


Alice Cooper- School’s Out

Radio Birdman- What Gives?

Pawnee Drive- Ride

DAvid Bowie- Speed of LIfe

Bikini Kill- Finale

Mission of Burma- Max Ernst

The Saints- Do the Robot


The Zombies- Care of Cell 44

Andre Williams- The Greasy Chicken

The Chocolate Watchband- Are You Gonna Be There?


Simaryp- Skinhead Moonstomp

Eek-a-Mouse- Skidip

Junior Byles- Fever


Public IMage LImited- Public Image

The Damned- Testify

The Wipers- Mystery

Betty McQuaid- Toungue Tied

Television- See No Evil

Slaughter and the Dogs- U.F.O.


The Groove Tomb- Garage. Punk. Horror. Other.

Tuesday Nights 12AM-2AM

91.3FM KXCI Tucson, Arizona.


  Product Details

 This week’s installment of Mondo Mondays is Deathstalker (1983), a relatively engaging Conan the Barbarian knock off.

When I was trying to write a review for it, I could not decide if it was meant to be taking place in the Middle Ages or the Dark Ages. The word Medieval seemed to cover the whole thing nicely. Dumb thing to obsess about. I discovered that Conan creator Robert Howard invented a “lost” time period called the “Hyborian Age” that predated the Middle Ages to combat historical discrepancies.

Mondo Mondays: Monday Nights at 8:00 at The Loft.

Read my full review is at the Loft blogspot:


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