The new Winelord record is finally in. I have copies here if anyone wants to mail order it.

$16.00 postpaid for the LP

$10.00 postpaid for the CD

paypal can be sent to cramholethecomic@hotmail.com

The LP is hot pink and pretty limited, so pick one up while you can. There will be opportunities to buy it hand to hand in Tucson, I’m trying to help make it available through the mail. All proceeds go to pay for the vinyl pressing. The gist of this is it was expensive as hell; the LP is priced pretty close to the bone.


Dwight Metzger, the man who runs the print shop that has printed every issue of Cramhole thus far, was honored by the Tucson Weekly in an article that profiled ten citizens of Tucson who have made a difference in the community. Dwight runs an awesome shop: punk as hell. Take a look at the article: 10 Tucsonans.



Anyone following my college career will be pleased to know that I wrapped my attending classes with two As. One in Native Americans in Film and one in Native Americans in Literature. Now I have to finish German in correspondence school. A real pain in the ass, but I am looking forward to a little less pressure on me for a few weeks.

I also posted a review of Black Swan. I liked it. There have been some rumblings that it is campy, but I didn’t get that out of it. I think if you like abstract horror, you could enjoy it.



I don’t have much active stuff to talk about. Things been slow on the writing front. I am wrapping up my final semester in school. In fact, I should be studying for my last final right now. But I would rather talk about nothing. I would love to say this is my victory lap, but I have to finish a correspondence course before I officially graduate. Fucking anti-climactic, wouldn’t you say?

 As I get older, Christmas has been reduced to a month of giving up my spare change to the guy with the bell in front of the grocery store and a time when I consider buying myself a box set. Last year, I really jumped in with both feet and bought the then very hot Beatles Mono Masters. This year I got off a little cheaper with this smoking 4 record set of Syl Johnson’s early recordings.


I also picked up the George Mitchell Collection. This has been around for a while. I had to give up on trying to amass the singles. This collects all 45 of the 7″s complied from the George Mitchell singles issued by Fat Possum over the past few years. Sadly, I went with the CD version; it was too good a deal. The vinyl collection is pretty steep for my budget. The CD price has dropped considerably and it is a bargain at any cost.


I didn’t know the Dayglow Abortions had an album before Feed Us a Fetus. Out of the Womb must have been repressed recently. I know you don’t need me to tell you how awesome this album is, especially since I was so blank as to not know of its existence, but it is well worth it and smells like one of those things that is going to get hard to find quick.

I’ll be filling in a little more at Toxic Ranch over the holidays, so stop by if you are in Tucson and at a loss for what to buy someone; some good records have been filtering in recently. I am sure the new Winelord record will be there as soon as it gets done. I’m looking forward to that myself.

Hope you are all well….



The new Winelord record is at hand. Here is a link review to the Tucson Weekly review: Winelord III.

It’s a solid record, and I’m not just saying that because it’s Amy’s band. Although if I didn’t like it, I would probably lie and say that I did. So chew on that.



This is one of the best movie guides I have ever read. And I love movie guides. This should be pretty essential to some of you. It is well written, well conceived, and a really nice looking book to boot. I put up a review at the Tucson Citizen:  Destroy All Movies: The Complete Guide to Punks on Film 



The Ugly (1997)

Simon Cartwright (Paolo Rotondo) is a confessed serial killer being held in a mental institution. Dr. Karen Shoemaker (Rebecca Hobbs) is a psychiatrist interviewing him about his past. This horror movie written and directed by New Zealand filmmaker Scott Reynolds is primarily a series of eerie sequences reflexively revealing the nature of his antagonism. The opening must be weathered a bit as the institution scenes can come across a bit silly. Cleanliness is apparently not a concern in modern New Zealand mental institutions according to this film. Likewise, the orderlies are too cruel and unprofessional to be believable. They look and act like front men for a bad metal band; one can’t even be bothered to wear a shirt. But the story of Cartwright’s rampage is an interesting twist on the genre. The murder flashbacks are creepy and the twists are well written as to piece together his story without being terribly obvious. There are some distinct moments of non-cliched tension. Cartwright’s motivations become clearer as the story progresses. Needless to say, it turns out he has issues. Reynolds uses black blood for the flashback scenes. It makes for a visually interesting horror film. Minor problems brought about by the sillier hospital scenes are outweighed by this clever story with good, modern gothic gore.


Leslie Nielsen (1926 -2010)

This is a serious bummer.



Issue #59 of Razorcake contains an interview I wrote with actress Mary Woronov. Her extensive and unique career is going to be the subject of an upcoming documentary slated for early 2011. She was really cool to talk to, so check out the interview if you haven’t already picked up the latest Razorcake. Here is a link to the ordering info on their website: Razorcake- 59. There are also copies at Toxic Ranch in Tucson and Smash! in D.C.

Otherwise, things have been a bit dull. I’m trying to set up an interview with actress Jessica Harper for Shock Cinema, one of my favorite movie mags. Shock Cinema does excellent interviews, so I hope I can rally.  Ms. Harper has been in touch and super nice, but some problems with school and a recent misfire with a favorite filmmaker of mine has taught me not to count my chickens before they hatch. Still, it’s looking good.



Great stuff in the new Nobunny record. Here is a link to a review I wrote for the Tucson Weekly.

First Blood

There is a reason I never go on medical websites. Just one episode of King of the Hill convinced me that I have Irritable Male Syndrome.  If you add up the evidence, it makes sense. I am an irritated and middle aged. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together…

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