LAst night was an all 45 party on the show. It was awesome to keep the turntables working and watching the CD players slowly switch to standby. I’m sure they appreciated the break, although it was a lot of work for me. I’m usually pretty lazy.

The Donnas- Rock and Roll MAchine

Hasil Adkins- Dottie Dottie 

Kansas City Stars- Split Second

Chubby Checker- Twist it Up

Radio Shanghai- Pointless Pointless

The Bobbyteens- Pay the Price

FM Knives- Valentine


The Cynics- I Don’t Need You

The Barbaras- Day at the Shrine

The Dave Clark Five- Chaquita

Tweetie Pie- Mel Blanc

20th Century Zoo- Tossin and Turnin’

The Shirks- Dangerous

Thee Makeout Party-Hedberg Boogie

The Sparkeltones- Black Slacks


Los Federales- Rock Star Research

The Sneaky Pinks- I Can’t Wait

The Anxieties- You’re Creeping Me OUt

Thee HEadcoats- Gun in my Father’s HAnd

The Ex Humans- Chicane

The Registrators- Angry Days

The Boston Chinks- Coletrane

Pee-Wee Herman- Surfin’ Bird


The Knack- My Sharona

The Jerks- Hold My Hand

David Seville- Witch Doctor

The Mighty El Dukes- Frankenstein’s Den

Bob Log III- Daddy Log’s Drive In

Lord Dent and His INvaders- The Greaser

Princessed- Take It Back


The Okmoniks- Sorority Club Song

The Records- Hearts in Her Eyes

The Members- The Sound of the Suburbs

The Carbonas- Frothing at the Mouth

Sir Winston Commons- We’re Gonna Love

The Motards- Nothing Ever Changes

The LInkers- She’s Gone



The Vicious- Igen

The Rip Offs- Go Away

The Bell Rays- Good Thing

Teengenerate- Bad Boy

The Crying Out Louds- I’m Possessed

The Deacons- Bring it On Home to Me




 Groove Tomb Playlist: September 23rd, 2009

Thee Mighty Ceasars- Beat on the Brat

MArvin and Johnny- Sweet Potato

Alice Cooper- School’s OUt

The Carpettes- Radio Wunderbar

The Sound Sandwich- Apothecary Dream

The Second Helping- Let Me In

Dieter Meter- The Hook

The Makers- Hard Times


The Dictators- Stay With Me

Bellevue- Marchin’ Men

The Wipers- Is This Real?

Peter and the Test Tube Babies- Banned from the Pubs

The Clash- Career Opportunities

The Buzzcocks- Ever Fallen in Love?


Husker Du- It’s Not Funny

Iggy POp- The PAssenger

Sonic Youth- Chapel Hill

Loli and the Chones- Makeout PArty

The Dead Boys- 3rd Generation NAtion


R.L. Burnside- Snake Drive

The ONly ONes- Another Girl, Another Planet

Richard Hell- Boy With the Replaceable Head

Little Willie John- My Nerves

The Soft Boys- I Wanna Destroy You


Stiv BAtors- Make Up Your Mind

The Fall- How I Wrote Plastic MAn

Vodka Collins- Billy MArs

Suzi Quatro- Glycerine Queen

Donnas- Gimmie My Radio


The Electric Prunes- I Had too Much to Dream Last Night

The Small Faces- Watcha Gonna Do About It?

Generation X- 100 Punks

13th Floor Elevators- Baby Blue

The Trashmen- Surfin’ Bird



Unsafe on Any Screen: Cinematic Sleaze and Cheese

by Scott Phillips

 “Unsafe on Any Screen” is an unpretentious movie guide filled with reviews of lesser-known cult movies and an occasional big budget gem. Filmmaker and ex-video clerk, Scott Phillips wrote a movie column for an underground newspaper in New Mexico. He has no qualms about admitting when he likes something, even if it’s Pierce Brosnen as 007. But his knowledge of underground cinema goes beyond casual, and Phillips comes up with an excellent mix of knowns and unknowns. Phillips has a great understanding of the hierarchy of reasoning behind why these movies are important to him; movies can be enjoyable for a variety or reasons. The reviews hit home without irony or too much attitude.  The mark of a good movie guide for me is when the highlighter comes out for an anticipated trip to the video store. “Unsafe” is a must have for people who like to read about movies.

Unsafe on Any Screen: Cinematic Sleaze and Cheese

204 pp. RE Vardeman (publisher). $9.99  


Publick Occurances #12

Publick Occurances is an A #1 portrait zine to begin with. But #12 is a metal themed issue, and for fans of the genera, it’s hard to put down. The source material issue is old issues of Kerrang and Circus. Martin’s drawings are a unique blend of dark scale animation and realism. Portraits in #12 include a range of personalities from glam superstars like George Lynch of Dokken to lesser-known heroes such as Tom Warrior of Celtic Frost. A who’s who of metal, this issue is focused and essential; a must have for metal heads. 

Danny Martin is so punk he doesn’t even have a website, but can be reached at bullmooseallstars@yahoo.com. Microcosm publishing also carries Publick Occurances.


Groove Tomb Playlist: September 16th, 2009

Jim Carroll- Work Not Play

Os Mutantes- Dom Quixote

The Cynics- Waste of Time

NObunny- Boneyard

The Box Elders- Isabella


The Dictators- Baby, Let’s Twist

The Starjets- School Days

The Eat- Communist Radio

The Stooges- Down on the Street

King Khan & BBQ- Waddlin’ Around


Joe Jackson- Is She Really Going Out With Him?

The MOdern Lovers- I’m Straight

The HAve Nots- Yeah Yeah YEah

Rhino 39- Prolixin Stomp

Bad Brains- Rock for Light

The Ramones- Collection

The Germs- Lexicon Devil


The BEatles- Lovely Rita

The Resonars- No Black Clouds Float By

The Setting Son- Soulmate

The Fevers- Too Early for Love

The Gentrys- Don’t Send Me No Flowers

The Chants R&B- I’m Your Witchdoctor


Earl King- The Things That I Used to Do

Little Willie John- Never Let Me Go

The BAr Kays- Son of Shaft


JIm Carroll- Nothing is True

Eek-a-Mouse- Skidip

The Black Lips- Vini Vidi Vici                                                            


Death- Frakin’ OUt

Hubble Bubble- Faking

The Left- Front Line

The Shirks- China

Teen Idles- Trans Am

The Wipers- Is This REal?

Television- See No Evil


The Groove Tomb- Garage. Punk. Horror. Other.

Tuesday Nights 12AM-2AM 

91.3FM KXCI Tucson, Arizona.


Author and musician Jim Carroll passed away Friday from a heart attack. Carroll wrote extensively about his childhood growing up in New York’s Lower East Side and also about his drug experiences in the 70s. His novel “Basketball Diaries” was adapted to the screen in 1995. An accomplished poet, Carroll applied his literary sensibilities to his hi-energy punk albums “Catholic Boy” and “Dry Dreams.” Carroll was 60.


It seems Mike Judge is on the brain this week. I had the TV on tonight, and was only half paying attention to “King of the Hill” when I realized that this is the last episode of the show. Did anyone notice that Boomhauer was a Texas Ranger? I never realized that we never know what he did for a living. I really liked that. 


I was feeling old a while back when I intentionally bought Butter Pecan ice cream. But today I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and sprayed the locks and hinges on the front door with WD40. I have officially left the stratosphere of cool. But those locks are really quiet now. It really is all about the fundamentals.


Mike Judge returns to the workplace in Extract 

 Mike Judge has slowed his pace a bit in the new comedy Extract. But for a director who has elevated his maturity level a little, Extract still showcases Judge’s edgy brand of humor. Joel (Jason Bateman) owns a food extract factory. He is married to Suzie (Kristin Wiig) who has become bored with her freelance routine steeped the suburban security that the success of their additive business has provided. Bateman and Wiig are a good match. Their unique character deliveries still shine, but both appear to be playing their parts muted a bit, creating a strong illusion of a young couple in the process of slowing down. The plot is a series of misadventures prompted by the confounding logic of Joel’s friend, Dean (Ben Affleck). Affleck is not one of my favorite actors, but he is particularly funny in the role of the loony friend. He brings a subtlety to the “wacky friend” device that is often abandoned for cheap laughs. Affleck’s take is a slow burn, not only making the character believable, but also occasionally convincing the audience that some if his hair brained logic applies. David Koechner is also a stand out as a droning neighbor who tirelessly awaits Joel outside is house and never provides a window for him to exit the conversation. A low point is Kiss bassist Gene Simmons’ performance as Joe Adler, a telephone book lawyer whose limited scenes contain one of the smarter uses of a testicle joke. Simmons is stiff, and it is clear that a more dynamic actor could have delivered humor. Still in all, Extract is clever, contains a terrific supporting cast of sketch show regulars, and shows that Judge’s brand of humor holding up. Comparisons to Office Space (1999) are inevitable, but Extract is an original comedy and Judge continues to have a knack for humorously exploring American ennui. 

I had some great finds at the Hotel Congress Record Show last week. For no reason, here are a few sides being worked into The Groove Tomb playlist: 


The Temptations- Puzzle Piece 

In my continuing interest in the early 70s transition of Motown vocal groups, I ran across Puzzle Piece at the record show. More songs in the vein of Cloud Nine where the band’s vocal talents are mixed with elements of funk and psychedelia. These records come cheap and are worth exploring, especially for weekend afternoon hanging.



The Infections- Kill…

This slab of snot from Rip Off records also appeared at the show. These early era Rip Off releases are always A1. A favorite is a Japanese band called The Registrators. The Infections rocks just as hard. 



B.B. King- The Blues

King might be too much a part of the cultural landscape for people to consider too much, but this early recording is raw and ratchety. This record is a reminder of his street cred. 



The Carpettes- Small Wonders 

Singles collection from an English trio with a punk/power pop sound.



The Box Elders- Alice and Friends 

Latest release on Goner Records. A sort of trashy, distorted take on 60s pop. 



Ike Turner- His Woman, Her Man: Volume One 

A retrospective of the funky years.  


Jean Jacques Perrey- The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound of Jean Jacques Perrey

Awesome Moog exploration.  



Bunny Wailer- Blackheart Man 

Bunny Wailer’s first solo album reflects the standard of reggae from the era of the end of the Wailers.


Nobunny is coming to Hotel Congress on September 20th. If you are gonna just be sitting around masturbating waiting for the Beatles’ Rock Band to come out, you might as well come to the show. 


The record show was awesome today. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the event. I was glad to sell off some records and to get some Cramhole into people’s hands. Thanks also to the Hotel Congress staff. I know what a pain in the ass that must have been to organize. 

I had a guy try to walk off with a $2 Vanilla Fudge record and a girl remarked how much she hated “that guy” when she saw the Groove Tomb flyers on the table. I’m not sure what facilitated her attitude towards me, but I guess everyone can’t like you. It feels really pathetic to admit this on the internet, but I have been feeling generally disliked lately. I’m not sure what’s going on. I feel like a gorilla everywhere I go. Sorry to vent about it, but I have been feeling a bit sequestered. You’re still thinking about the Vanilla Fudge record, aren’t you? Their “Greatest Hits” was worth getting, but I should not have pushed the envelope.  

Otherwise it was a stellar day for me.  


At the show I discovered that the folks who print Cramhole now have a website:


They are the best. Worth checking out. They are also in the links section.



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