Everybody is Stupid Except for Me

As laugh out loud as comics get, Peter Bagge’s ten years of contributions to Reason Magazine are collected in this commentary on the death of common sense. Bagge is as cynical as in the days of Hate, but his ideas have matured. It’s hard not to think of Bagge as the grown up Buddy Bradley. Bagge has maintained his ability to express rage, confusion, frustration and loser-dom in a few simple drawings. Turned loose on the subject of our purple mountains’ majesty, Bagge produces some compelling arguments on subjects ranging from the government subsidizing of Amtrack to the legalization of drugs. As the “underground” grows up and is set loose on the world, Bagge has grown with us, and for us in a sense. He continues to comment on our anger, misplaced or otherwise. The world Libertarian is thrown around a bit, but for those disinterested in politics, “Everybody” is a continuance of his inimitable style and a must for fans of his work. 

Everybody is Stupid Except for Me

By Peter Bagge

Illustrated. 118 pp. Fantagraphics Books.



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