If I ever see too many people at a poetry reading, I figure something must be wrong. But that was not the case last night. Last night’s Poetry Fuckfest at the Red Room on Congress was a good show all the way around. The fest was really well organized. I read some new stuff and sold some books.  Thanks to the organizers and thanks to those who rapped with me after the show. Don’t forget next Saturday is the Hotel Congress Record Show. I’ll be there with Cramhole #3, plus some records I need to get rid of. It’s a great record show, so go even if you want to avoid me for some reason. We don’t have to talk.



For the record, I love Brian De Palma anyway. But anyone who thinks he is just obsessed with Hitchcock should see Sisters (1973). It’s a pretty bent movie. Look for a full review at Off the Marquee next week. 


Washington D.C.’s The Shirks have regressed in their choice of format and released five new songs on cassette. I still have a tape deck, so I win. Always awesome, the songs are Saints’ style rock and roll. No ordering information. You just gotta go to the show. Which is worth doing anyway. Punk? Yes! 


I have some reviews in the new Razorcake. They are gonna send me some free copies to give away at the upcoming Tucson Comic Con in November. If you haven’t yet read Razorcake, your chance is fast approaching to recieve a FREE copy. Don’t forget, Comic Con will be here before you know it.




I’m going to be reading some poetry on Saturday night. I’ll be the first reader at 8:00. I’ll be reading from the poetry zine I put out a couple of months ago and some new stuff. 

Poetry Fuckfest

Saturday, August 29th 

8:00pm The Red Room Grill

100 E. Congress Street, Tucson



I haven’t written anything here in a while. I’m in the process of moving. I am all out of sorts and feel like I have nothing to say.

Moving really sucks, but I feel more organized than ever. I am the sort that needs that structure in my life. No more garage full of crap. We moved into a much smaller place. Horror videos and old socks went flying out the window with reckless abandon. We are still packed in here, but I always got weird vibes off my old place. Mostly me being paranoid. I like the new place a lot. It has a walled in courtyard and I am within walking distance of a bus stop, a grocery store, a sushi restaurant, and a twenty four hour taco stand. I think Cramhole #4 will have musings about moving. I haven’t put much else together. People keep telling me to do a wedding issue, but the wedding really went pretty well. No real stress to speak of. What’s the point in that?

Here are links to some good Cramhole reviews. Nice to see. I am about to get a load of Cramhole buttons off in the mail for those of you who wrote in. Nice to see some people look at this once in a while.

AZ Punk Resource:


Razorcake Magazine:


Also, I found this webpage of a photographer who has a lot of buildings from movies photographed. It is pretty cool. I am putting a link here for the page with four locations from After Hours on it. After Hours is one of my favorites. I did a review for it at “Off the Marquee.” If you are not familiar with the film, the review is still up there.


I’m doing record reviews for Razorcake as well.

Tucson, don’t forget the Hotel Congress Record Show on September 5th. We’ll be there with issue 3. Plus I’ll be selling off some records and giving away some buttons and what not.

Later on…

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Everybody is Stupid Except for Me

As laugh out loud as comics get, Peter Bagge’s ten years of contributions to Reason Magazine are collected in this commentary on the death of common sense. Bagge is as cynical as in the days of Hate, but his ideas have matured. It’s hard not to think of Bagge as the grown up Buddy Bradley. Bagge has maintained his ability to express rage, confusion, frustration and loser-dom in a few simple drawings. Turned loose on the subject of our purple mountains’ majesty, Bagge produces some compelling arguments on subjects ranging from the government subsidizing of Amtrack to the legalization of drugs. As the “underground” grows up and is set loose on the world, Bagge has grown with us, and for us in a sense. He continues to comment on our anger, misplaced or otherwise. The world Libertarian is thrown around a bit, but for those disinterested in politics, “Everybody” is a continuance of his inimitable style and a must for fans of his work. 

Everybody is Stupid Except for Me

By Peter Bagge

Illustrated. 118 pp. Fantagraphics Books.



Wanna shop locally in Tucson?

“Everybody is Stupid Except for Me”

is currently available at 

Fantasy Comics: 2595 North 1st Ave.

Antigone Books: 411 North 4th Ave.


and through independent bookstores online such as




 A friend pointed out this link to this video that re-invents Han Solo. I thought it was pretty funny.




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