Motown ’65 is a bit of a no-brainer, but recently I have been into the late 60s-early 70s era albums. I don’t know if I’m just getting older, but I have looked past ’65 and started getting into the ’69-’70 ‘hey, maybe we need to make a commentary on society’ phase. Here the ‘big three’ of the early 60s begin getting funkier and tapping on the walls of psychedelia. These three records keep coming up cheap if you think you want to make the plunge. They still play “Love Child” by the Supremes on the radio, but there is stuff on these albums that is refreshing and worth the effort. Plus the record covers look good together. That’s all that really matters. 


I am really excited that the new collection of “Cinema Sewer” is out. This is volume two and compiles issues 13 through 16. I really love this magazine, it is an essential read for fans of underground cinema. I put up a review of the book at “Off the Marquee.” I am trying to make a go of writing for the Citizen website, so if anyone looks at this that isn’t just trying to sell boner drugs, take a look at the Citizen for me.  They apparently keep track of who is being read, so if it is worth a mouse click to you to keep me from looking stupid, take a look:


Cramhole friend and patron Leslie Q wrote and got some comics from me for her table at the Portland Zine Symposium. She has also stocked them at Guapo Comics and Books in Portland. Take a look if you are in Portland and check out Guapo Comics and Books: http://www.guapocomicsandbooks.com/ I haven’t spent a lot of time in Portland, but I’m psyched to have some zines there and to be in a new store.  This might be a good time to re-list some places carrying and generally supporting Cramhole.  

Atomic Books: Baltimore, MD                        

Goner Records: Memphis, TN                       

Smash Records: Washington, D.C.                       

and through: Dischord Direct/Microcosm Publishing/ Desert Distro/ Parcel Press 

I made some Cramhole buttons recently. Drop me a line; if you swear to put it on your punk jacket, I’ll send you one. I will NOT trade them for boner drugs. 



In place, a plan for badly needed funds

There will be those surprised by what they’ll pay

No questions rise about the money runs

To save up for another type of day

The center of the diamond now a womb

The Lincoln bedroom sold off to Japan

There must be arrowheads stacked in a room

For hospitals to build on vacant land

and preserved in the swampy mist

we’ll keep the constitution for the mayor

the proclamation for the journalist

we’ll hang it over Archie bunker’s chair

there is no way we can expect to win

but have a new white house in which to live.

A Nation of Fat Jokes

The President is attacked

they’re saying that he’s fat

his daughter is attacked

now what’s the point in that

one nation under Vogue

the plastic surgery code

ask the Gap, they want

clones clones clones

we kill ourselves

to look a certain way

and it’s how we stay in a

nation of fat jokes

fast food culture

consumption vultures

then you wonder

why it is we’re poisoned

pay a man to walk indoors

then you shop in his stores

Jenny Craig wants

clones, clones, clones

we kill ourselves

to look a certain way

and it’s how we stay in a

nation of fat jokes



The roof caved in

once again

we tread the sea

of electricity

that man said

every man is an island

we act as one

it helped me to find my voice

last folks at wire and cable


as others had walked out the door

the last one

made the walk

looked back and turned the key

for the last time

for the last time

for the last time

I wonder what he thought about

log on

for better sweeping methods

to build a better broom

we presume

to pursue the mundane


Requiem For Joe Camel

I got a beef and a requiem for Joe Camel

I’m glad he’s gone, and I’m angry and I’ll tell you why

they had a right to speak, I have a right to fight inherent evil

why do we wait for someone else to get us by

I’ve seen your Christian heroes used to sell Baccardi

some guy had done his job when he invented Joe

advertising, our Achilles’ heel and I’m insulted

do you think they’ll teach an adult to smoke


Casting Call

When you uncoiled, there were things about you you didn’t understand

you saw life on the wrong side of a bad argument

smack in the face is loud as a balloon pop to a president’s wife

sometimes I wish the part of me had been recast

cops and doctors, tow truck drivers lawyers, judges, mayors

show me a well of understanding, and I’ll jump in

I’ll go on writing songs and being miserably aware

sometimes I wish the part of me had been recast


Smear Campaign

This disregard is apparent

can’t dignify this ridiculous scheme by casting a ballot

never give a hand to a man in the middle of a three ring

circus of fools like him

for that  same reason I get annoyed

in the throws of a smear campaign

no one speaks of achievement

condescend to trick the public

demand a suitable candidate

if you clean around them, they will go away


Excuses, Excuses 

Once again

I understand

congress says

I can’t marry a man

I don’t quite understand

I doubt it’s really financial

what would happen if we were

all straight and married

total disregard

for a basic human right

you left someone out

on that judgment night

excuses, excuses

what are you scared of

it’s not your life to live

you scream promiscuity

now you won’t recognize

two people in love


 Hoss Parade

Drink in all the honky huts

you laugh at us when we roll by

you don’t get that we laugh back

you crack us up ’cause your so blind

hoss parade

hoss parade

hoss parade

think you got it made

scoff at my integrity

fool I wear it like a badge

your drinking in a faux gas station

you had to pay and wait in line