Motown ’65 is a bit of a no-brainer, but recently I have been into the late 60s-early 70s era albums. I don’t know if I’m just getting older, but I have looked past ’65 and started getting into the ’69-’70 ‘hey, maybe we need to make a commentary on society’ phase. Here the ‘big three’ of the early 60s begin getting funkier and tapping on the walls of psychedelia. These three records keep coming up cheap if you think you want to make the plunge. They still play “Love Child” by the Supremes on the radio, but there is stuff on these albums that is refreshing and worth the effort. Plus the record covers look good together. That’s all that really matters. 


I am really excited that the new collection of “Cinema Sewer” is out. This is volume two and compiles issues 13 through 16. I really love this magazine, it is an essential read for fans of underground cinema. I put up a review of the book at “Off the Marquee.” I am trying to make a go of writing for the Citizen website, so if anyone looks at this that isn’t just trying to sell boner drugs, take a look at the Citizen for me.  They apparently keep track of who is being read, so if it is worth a mouse click to you to keep me from looking stupid, take a look:


Cramhole friend and patron Leslie Q wrote and got some comics from me for her table at the Portland Zine Symposium. She has also stocked them at Guapo Comics and Books in Portland. Take a look if you are in Portland and check out Guapo Comics and Books: http://www.guapocomicsandbooks.com/ I haven’t spent a lot of time in Portland, but I’m psyched to have some zines there and to be in a new store.  This might be a good time to re-list some places carrying and generally supporting Cramhole.  

Atomic Books: Baltimore, MD                        

Goner Records: Memphis, TN                       

Smash Records: Washington, D.C.                       

and through: Dischord Direct/Microcosm Publishing/ Desert Distro/ Parcel Press 

I made some Cramhole buttons recently. Drop me a line; if you swear to put it on your punk jacket, I’ll send you one. I will NOT trade them for boner drugs.