I am really psyched to be writing record reviews for Razorcake. My first reviews are in issue #49.  I have been trying to find places to write more and I am really excited that they have given me a chance. Remember to support Razorcake. And read a newspaper once in a while. Newspapers are closing down left and right. It’s not really your fault of course. The advertising revenue is down. So support your local newspaper by taking out a full page ad with your face on it. That probably won’t work either. What can we do? I don’t know, but we cannot leave our news reporting to television and internet. 

I subscribed to a magazine called Radar a while back. It was a satire based humor magazine; they also wrote serious pieces about culture that appeals to your sarcastic side. Maybe not for everyone, but it was really pretty cool and unique. The writing was always good and it had an angle. So naturally, it went out of business. Their website is still active, so you can take a look. The part that bums me out is that the company in charge of their subscribers sent me Star in it’s place. I knew publications like this existed, but I didn’t fully understand how vapid a piece of publishing could be until I read Star. What did I expect, right? I am not one to chastise escapism, but I really don’t understand why people care about who Jennifer Anniston is dating. Star makes her out to be such a psycho; doesn’t everybody date a few people? At least she does something. A portion of the magazine is dedicated to the trifling details of celebrities that you have long forgotten to take seriously. But the thing that gets me is the rest of the magazine is loaded with people who DON’T DO ANYTHING. Who is Paris Hilton, anyway? But more importantly, why do we care who she is dating? He doesn’t seem to have a career of any kind.  Star is an example of what I imagine magazines written by “Newspeak” machines will be like. Why am I wasting my time on this? I guess I am buying into it by being another nerd on the internet with an opinion. Sorry, it was just on my mind.

Death- For the Whole World to See (Drag City) I have been really into this Death re-issue.  This is not the seminal metal band Death (of whom I am a huge fan). This is a band from Detroit around ’74. They sound like the better end of the MC5 catalogue. They have a song called “Freakin’ Out” that is pretty fast. It is sort of confounding to think that a band played that style in ’74. It upsets the time line. It is great for fans of Detroit rock n’ roll.

I am still waiting to get Cramhole #3 back from the printer. I fucked up by not getting a few pages scanned to put up. So I have nothing to talk about on that front. I made a flyer for it. But it says “Out Now.” I don’t want to confuse you by showing it to you because it is not technically “Out Now.” What it is is that I have made the flyer ahead of time. It is a method known as “making the flyer ahead of time.” If I am being too technical let me know.

Let the Right One In (2008) I never had any interest in Twilight, so when I heard this movie was about a young vampire, I wasn’t inspired. But the story was clever, the kids were good (which is essential ’cause I generally hate movies with kids in them) and the gore scenes play out incidentally, lending them an understated power. The movie is worth watching for the death scenes alone. The final death scene takes place in a swimming pool. The unassuming style of shooting gives the scene a very raw and realistic feel. It is one of the best underwater death scenes I have ever seen. 

The Basement Apartments might have some East Coast shows coming up in May. That will be fun, except I am such an old man, I don’t really know where or how to book shows anymore. Putting a tour together is a feat. You should be impressed by your friends who can do it. I hope the shows come together.

I also found the novelization  of the film version of Howard the Duck (1986). I haven’t read it yet, but my guess is it is going to have more insight into the human condition than Star Magazine. Or maybe not, I don’t know.

That’s my week.