Crackpot: The Obsessions of John Waters

I have not had much to write about this week, but I did come across this book having its price lowered on Amazon. Not to promote Amazon, but this thing is on clearance for $4.00 and it is one of my favorite books of essays. I have read this book again and again. So I thought I would pass that information along for no reason.

Waters is as compelling as a writer as he is as a filmmaker. There is an article about the Baltimore teen dance television show that inspired Hairspray. There is also a memoir about his work with prisoners, an interview with Pia Zadora, and loads of movie references. It is highly recommended for fans of the man, or just movies in general. 


 Cramhole #3

I finally got #3 off to the printers today. Both Dorothy Gambrell and Mr. Chen have returned with drawings for #3. Also, Danny Martin who draws Publick Occurances has contributed to this issue. I feel like this is the best one yet. I am hoping to put together a sort of “release party” in April. I am working on getting Vinyl Scrapyard around for a few more screenings and have been submitting record reviews to Razorcake and going to school full time and doing an internship. I am hoping to work on a novel I have outlined over the summer, so I am staying busy myself. With Mr. Chen leaving Tucson, I am moving slower as he was my technical adviser on most production issues. I am still pretty computer illiterate, but the actual comic is at the printer, so keep an eye out and I’ll write in with any updates.