Life has slowed to a crawl this Christmas. Amy went out of town and my job and school both ended all at once. I felt as though I needed a break, but now I have NO responsibilities. But I have used the time to work on Cramhole #3 and poetry for an upcoming show in San Francisco. But there is loads of free time, and the holidays cause me to float down memory lane. Here are some eighties gems I have been revisiting. 

The Burbs: Remember Tom Hanks?? He was this zany actor that used to be in really weird movies before his dadditude set in. I maintain that The Burbs is a lost classic. Tom Hanks stars as an average suburban guy who takes a week off work to hang around the house to relax. His vacation is disturbed by neighbor induced paranoia regarding the strange people who have moved in next door. The new neighbors, led by the wonderful and overlooked Henry Gibson, are a weird bunch; but are they the satanists they are made out to be? This is a unique movie about suburban paranoia laid down by a great cast. 

Drugstore Cowboy: Yea, it is already a classic in most circles, but don’t forget about it. Gus Van Sant is a genius behind the camera and this very neutral story about robbery and redemption is the jewel in many crowns, including Matt Dillon and Heather Graham. 

Three O’Clock High: This is another unique story that combines the high school angst of Sixteen Candles with the pace and edginess of After Hours. The whole movie takes place over the course of a day while the main character, Buddy, is waiting to get his ass kicked by the extremely hyped new school bully. As buddy schemes to try to get out of an ass whipping, a host of new problems arise. The action and comedy often resembles Cohen standby Raising Arizona. Fans of the Cohen Brothers should check it out. If they had made a high school movie, this is what it would have been like, except no one gets kidnapped. 

Anyway, this is what I am up to. Drawing and watching movies. I am showing some poetry and there is a Basement Apartments show scheduled for January. Hope all is well with you.