Heya! We now have Cramhole consigned at Toxic Ranch Records in Tucson, Arizona. Toxic Ranch is a Tucson institution and a great record store with loads of current vinyl releases and lots of punk staples. If you know about a store that would carry Cramhole or if you are a store and already carry it through a disto and want to ay hello, please drop me a line. Remember to take time and explore your independent options when looking for books, records and comics. Here is an updated list of retailers and distros:

Academy Annex Records: Brooklyn, NY

Atomic Books: Baltimore, MD

Beat Motel Distro: EnglandChicago Comics: Chicago, Il

Dischord Direct

Fantasy Comics: Tucson, AZ Goner Records: Memphis, TNMicrocosm Zine DistroSmash! Records: Washington, D.C.Stinkweeds Record Exchange: Phoenix, AZSticky Zine Shop: Melbourne, Australia.

Toxic Ranch Records: Tucson, Arizona 


I have finally crossed into old age as I had to go out the other day and buy a vacuum cleaner. This has been a soul crushing purchase, but I will carry on. 

Vacuum aside, we had a good screening for Vinyl Scrapyard at the Tucson Film and Music Festival. Thanks to everyone who came out and said hello. We have sent the film to some other festivals, so hopefully there will be some more showings.

We have the Tucson Comic Con coming up in November. And the election of course.

Actually, I don’t care much about the election. No offense, I just never have. There is a proposition in Arizona to include in the constitution that marriage should be recognized as the union between one man and one woman. This thinly veiled attack on gay marriage is a disgrace. It was voted down in 2006 and should be voted down again. If 102 is passed, it will be harder to legalize gay marriage in Arizona. I believe that Americans should strive for equality and, regardless of your religious affiliations, recognize that you cannot offer rights to some people and not to others. When you go to the poles, you should vote NO on 102. Of course, you should also be careful about doing things people suggest to you on the internet.

Finally, if you ever hear anyone say that people respect older students for coming back to school, please tell them for me that they are full of shit. I am an aging punk rocker in college four days a week and I feel like a freak. That’s me this week…LAter on… 

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