Vinyl Scrapyard will be shown at the Tucson Film and Music Festival on Sunday, October 12th 2008.
Information about the schedule for the Tucson Film and Music Fest is up at their website. Take a look. They have some terrific looking stuff playing that weekend.
I will be at the short docs screening. I hope some of you will make it out to say hello. Here are some links about the Sunday Short Docs Program. Drop me a line if I can provide you any info. I still have not seen any ticket price information, but I am sure it will be up at their website.  

Tucson Film and Music Schedule:

Link to the program http://www.tucsonfilmandmusicfestival.com/html/festival_films.html#7d


The Eat- It’s Not the Eat, It’s the Humidity- Alternative Tentacles

Punk rock can often be the gift that keeps on giving. It’s funny to me that I am now almost forty, I still identify as a punk rocker although I show almost no outward signs. Neither do I relate to much of the music being called punk rock anymore. But I never wanted to go down the old fart road. I just let the kids have their fun and enjoy my own records and rhetoric. But one thing that the world never seems to run out of is nostalgia, and somewhere right now, at least I hope, someone is making a retrospective of another band I never heard of. This week, it’s the Eat.

I’m out of the loop when it comes to The Eat, but that makes it so much better for me. You might trust my opinion more if I said that I had been into this band for years and have been anxiously awaiting a retrospective. But I live to walk blindly into old punk bands. It’s what keeps the magic happening for me. This album does not disappoint.

This treasure from Florida the late 70s smokes all the way through.  A double album for a reasonable price from Alternative Tentacles, this collection doesn’t even peter out into lame live stuff at the end. This band had an amazing output that rocks for punkers and punks for rockers. The best money you can spend. The first song, “Communist Radio” seems sort of familiar as if someone has covered it in the past. I could do a quick Google search and pretend to have encyclopedia knowledge, but I’m not gonna. I’m gonna leave this bit of trivia to the gods of ignorance and hope that I keep walking blindly into bands as good as The Eat.