I am just back from DC tonight. Thanks to everyone who came out to Smash Records last Thursday for the first screening of Vinyl Scrapyard. I was really happy with the turnout and response. Special thanks to Smash for holding the event. All the best things in life are DIY. Putting together a faux movie theater in a record store is all I want to do with my life now.
All and all it was a successful trip to DC for me as I came back with an LP bag full of records, screened the film and saw the Shirks. The Shirks are one of the most exciting garage bands to emerge of late. Heavily influenced by The Saints, The Shirks debut single will be out on a label called Big NEck very soon. We’ll be hearing more from them.

I also saw a band called Hollywood who have just released thier first full length also on Big Neck. We’ll be playing tracks from that album on the show next week along with loads of dusty records I have just acquired. A good shopping spree is a shot in the arm for the show.

DC is returning to its former glory as one of the great cities in which to shop for records. Here are some stores we hit along the trip:

Crooked BEat- Washington, D.C.
Smash Records- Washington, D.C.
Red Onion- Washington, D.C. (Books and LPs)
Joe’s Record PAradise- Maryland
CD Cellar- Falls Church, VA (Has loads of LPs)
Record and Tape Exchange- Fairfax, Virginia
The Vienna Music Exchange- Vienna, Virginia

If you are out in Virginia, there is a tiny store in Vienna called the Vienna Music Exchange. It’s particularly worth hitting if you are into metal. It is a one room shop packed to the ceiling with records. The prices are good and if you aren’t looking for metal, you might find a real bargain as metal is the focus. Look it up as it is hard to find. They are well worth supporting. It is easy to make and afternoon of going to Record and Tape Exchange and Vienna Music Exchange if you are heading for Northern Virginia.

So keep it alive. More from me later as we begin planning the Tucson screening. Boogaloo.