NYC Weekend
Leave it to NYC to make you feel fat, useless and unhip. It is intimidating to be there and have so little direction as I do. Trumping around with little photocopied zines is a bit like walking into a four star restaurant with tomato sauce all over your face. I guess anyway, I have never walked into a four star restaurant.
I got zero sleep going in on the Jet Blue overnight, but all in all, a really good trip as I got to see two of my best friends. I also saw the Whitney Bi-annual and went to the Guggenheim to see the Cai Guo-Quang exhibit. Did I like that exhibit, or do I just really like to see shit blowing up? I can’t tell, but I had a good time. My favorite part is at the end of the climb to the top, there is a white, late model Chevrolet sitting there. As if I had to climb the Guggenheim to see that. But I am not being negative, it was awesome.

More awesome was that I happened to be in town for the Daniel Higgs/Asa Osbourne exhibit. The art was awesome and free. I am glad to see these guys getting into the upper ranks. Before long, I might even be able to think of them as sell outs.
That night we attended a nice wedding of a family member of Amy’s. The next day I shopped at Academy Annex in Brooklyn. This is the best and most reasonable record shopping in NYC. Loads of moderately priced new, re-ish and used. Most importantly, they are not so snobby as to turn down a consignment from me, so that makes them AOK. The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie was on the plane on the way home rounding out the weekend.

Anyway, I don’t know why I am going on about my trip. It’s like I said. NYC makes you feel small, so I am reaching out. Still, it feels better that being in L.A.

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Cramhole #2 is back from the printers and sitting in boxes in my floor. Tomorrow, copies of #2 leave for the best record stores and distros across the land. Can’t wait? Check the books section of the website to purchase directly from me using paypal.

Hope all is well with y’all.


Art Show

I got an email about this art show today. I thought I would pass it on since I am a fan.

Daniel Higgs & Asa Osborne

March 14th – April 26th, 2008

Opening Reception: Friday, March 14th, 7-9pm

Mountain Fold Gallery


Book Review

One of my favorite monster magazines put up a book review I wrote on their web site.
Take a look if you get a chance and
support monster magazines.

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