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Cramhole #2 is being printed as we speak. It looks like it will be about two weeks. I am psyched to have it done and to already have a few drawings in the can for next year. It feels good to be ahead of myself. Additional footage was also shot for Vinyl Scrapyard this week. I am hoping to have both projects done around the same time and go around showing the film and selling the comic “bringing it to the people,” as it were. Although I want to submit it to film festivals, my ultimate dream would be to do some D.I.Y. showings. I make a lot of jokes about feeling old and working crappy jobs, but there are those rare occasions where you feel like you can still roll without the help of money fiends. That make it seem worth it.

My promise to write about Fred Gwynne brought about contact from someone running a fan site about him that is pretty amazing. http://fredgwynne.net/ This is the sort of stuff that makes the internet worthwhile for me. As far as I’m concerned, this is why we need the internet in the first place.

I have put a hold on my media buying, so I have no new nothings to review or play on the radio right now. I did see Persopolis and felt it deserved to win the Oscar. I usually don’t give a crap about the Oscars, but Persopolis should have won. Aren’t we sick of Disney winning and owning everything? (Although truth be told, I sort of liked Ratatoullie, however the hell you spell it. I can feel the devil behind me unbuckling his belt for even saying it, but you never have to worry about me lying to you.) Still, just give the damn animation Oscar to someone else for a change.
I did like seeing the Coens win a lot. Proves that real artists can prevail occasionally.

Anyway, that’s what is going on here. Just filling the computer landscape with more crap.
Later on…


Thanks to Beat Motel/Corndog Publishing for bringing Cramhole to England. I am very excited to be distributed in the country that brought us Alan Partridge and the Buzzcocks. I have never been, but I have been obsessed.

#2 went to the printers yesterday, sO it is on the way.
Also, we are close to finishing the record store documentary we started about two years ago. It’s called Vinyl Scrapyard. We are hoping to do some screenings eventually. Maybe bring it around a bit.

Zine Distros and INdependant book and record stores are essential.
So support these places whenever you can. Go out of your way even.

Here is a list of other stores and distros:

Academy Annex Records: Brooklyn, NY
Atomic Books: Baltimore, MD
Chicago Comics: Chicago, Il
Fantasy Comics: Tucson, AZ
Goner Records: Memphis, TN
Microcosm Zine Distro
Quimby’s Books: Chicago, Il
Smash! Records: Washington, D.C.
Stinkweeds Record Exchange: Phoenix, AZ
Sticky Zine Shop: Melbourne, Australia.


I have never had any illusions that Cramhole would be too regular.


As the days of February tick-a-tock-a away, I was filled with the intense fear that Cramhole was not even gonna be annual.

Alas, I made my own deadline. #2 went to the printer today. At the printer in February, that is annual enough for me.

Thanks to everyone who is currently helping out.
#2 is a series of shorts this time. There are also new artists on board. Look at the links section to see some of the wonderful people putting time in to a useless comic book.

We are amused.


I haven’t written about an underrated actor recently, but I re-watched Strangers With Candy and confirmed that, for my money, Greg Holliman is a national treasure. The complexities of Principal Blackman could not be handled by a one trick pony. Holliman is a terrific actor. Plus I liked this graphic.

I am working on Underrated Actors Part Four- Fred Gwynne right now because I feel the internet is severely lacking in the opinions of aging hipsters with nothing to do.

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Dan Higgs- Metempsychotic Melodies

If staring into the sun was an ultimately rewarding experience, Daniel Higgs’ former band Lungfish would be the soundtrack. The heat that Lungfish released from their records smouldered rather than blazed. Lungfish was one of the most unique bands in rock history. For fans, Lungfish’s minimalist approach to songwriting earmarked all eleven Lungfish albums as desert island discs. For dissenters, there was nothing there. They were the ultimate love ’em or hate ’em band. Higgs was at the front of Lungfish; his personality intrinsic in the band’s success.Since the last Lungfish album was released, lead singer Higgs has released several projects of varying degrees of appeal. His band the Pupils found him paired with Lungfish guitarist Asa Osbourne; the end result was an album that came off like paired down Lungfish. This album has since become the unofficial and essential album number twelve. Higgs’ first solo releases were more in the vein of soundscapes. In Metempsychotic Melodies, his latest solo release, Higgs appears to be returning to the songwriting arena, employing a variety of instruments to create a Lungfish type of droning melody. The style of droning repetition that has consistently been the perfect frame from his high pitched, wailing vocals and his somewhat metaphysical lyrics. Higgs is a human exorcism even when he is whispering. It is hard not to think about the brassy sheen of the full Lungfish experience, but Melodies delivers in the category of further paired down Lungfish, and for fans, it shouldn’t disappoint. Higgs is an Omega Man among a world of zombies with $80 haircuts. He is as essential as his music and might be the last interesting person on earth.


 Bon jour people.


I went out, purchased a grapefruit and ate it for dinner; officially ending my youth.

Please send your condolences to the usual address.

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