News and Blues;

The Groove Tomb has been moved to a new time. We are on two hours earlier from now on. 12AM-2AM AZ time.  Webstreaming is available through the 91.3 KXCI website.
I am still posting the lists up on the Groove Tomb Myspace page. Although I am beginning to feel like i have too much virtual material out there. I still have my first e-mail address. Plus any associated with any project I started that I wanted to put an e-mail address on. Plus myspace for the Tomb and the Hole. You know the scene in Jackie Brown where the guy leaves his office, home telephone, fax, cell and pager number? That’s how it makes me feel. DESPERATE. What the hell do you do with cyber baggage? Inevitably some honky will write me that I’ll be glad to hear from and I’ll be checking that e-mail address again.

I know what you are thinking. You are trying to pretend you didn’t see Jackie Brown. But Jackie Brown is TOTALLY underrated. It’s OK. Tarantino haters will ill on you. Tell the scene police I told you so.

We are still hopeful to finish CRamhole #2 very soon. Everyone is drawing.

Cramhole #1 got a review in Giant Robot last month in the comics section. It as pretty neutral, but it is nice to see a big magazine giving time to small zines. Send your zine to other glossys and see what happens. Or don’t ’cause I’ll tell ya. Nothing.

We also picked up a new distributor. Microcosm Zine Distro is carrying Cramhole. Microcosm is one of those wonderful distros that give small time schmucks like me a chance, giving me hope for the rest of the world. What are we gonna do when all the independent book stores and distros go out? I’ll tell you what. The DaVinci Code, that’s what. So keep your indy book and comic sellers alive.



John Waters: This Filthy World.The new year started with a bang for me as i chose to watch “This Filthy World.”  John Waters is one of the most important film makers alive and this 86 minute video of his lecture circuit routine directed by “Curb Your Enthusiasm” actor Jeff Garlin is hilarious and inspiring. Waters is a charming man and talks frankly about his life. He tells stories about his stable of eccentric friends. He also goes into detail about his career as a filmmaker. Waters is able to relay his story in a way that puts him on the same level with his audience. Never once does he seem bored or snooty. He has a charisma that brings the whole theater with him. I had recently finished his book “Crackpot” which collects articles he wrote for various publications. These two projects prove  what a national treasure he is even when he is out from behind the camera.

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