The League

The League by Billups Allen

Failed diets, dead end jobs, and crippling social anxiety weigh heavy on Martin Selby. As he settles into his new life in the small desert town of San Ramos, California, his psychological health worsens until he meets Chuy: an overweight ex-boxer whose confidence and strength gives Selby new hope. His newfound happiness teeters when his new hobby becomes an obsession.

Billups Allen’s interest in writing began writing lyrics for punk rock bands Shoutbus and Corn on Macabre. Lyrical duties led to poetry and short stories. He graduated from the University or Arizona with a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Media Arts. He now lives in Washington D.C. where he freelances, writes Cramhole comic zine and contributes regularly to film and music magazines.

$12 + $5 postage

Links- Razorcake Issues

Razorcake #63- Interview with Found Footage Festival organizers.


Razorcake #59- Interview with actress Mary Woronov.


Razorcake #57- A humble retrospective of the life and films of Pedro Almodovar.


Razorcake #53- Interview with Nobunny.

First Three Ish, One Low Price.

cramhole_180×240.gif cramhole_180×240.gif

Get all three issues of Cramhole for one low price.

First Three Issues of Cramhole- $7 postage paid


Vinyl Scrapyard DVD

Vinyl Scrapyard

Vinyl Scrapyard on DVD- $7 postage paid

Copies are also available at:

Toxic Ranch Records: Tucson Arizona

Smash! Records: Washington D.C.

And through Dischord Direct and through Microcosm Publishing.

Shoutbus CD + 7″


This is the first release. 8 songs.Self-titled 7”- $3 postage paid

Cover art by John Fox



A CD of the last 9 songs recorded by Shoutbus.Dancing in the Skin of the Great White Hunter- $6 postage paid

Cover art by Mike Delach



Reticent Notoriety Poetry Zine


Poetry chapbook by Billups Allen featuring poems about pop icons and poems about thinking about pop icons. Corresponding portraits and cover art by Publick Occurances penner Danny Martin.

Reticent Notoriety- $4 ppd.


Cramhole, Issue #3

Cramhole 3

We’re glad to bring you the third issue of Cramhole. This year’s comic features art by Amy Shapiro, Danny Maaaaaartin, Dorothy Gambrell and Mr. Chen.

Cramhole #3- $3 postage paid


Any two issues of Cramhole

cramhole_180×240.gif cramhole_180×240.gif

Feeling behind? Pick up any two issues for one low price.

Any two issues- $5 postage paid


Cramhole, Issue #2


We’re glad to bring you a second issue of Cramhole. This year’s comic features art by Amy Shapiro, Dorothy Gambrell and Mr. Chen.

Cramhole #2- $3 postage paid


Cramhole, Issue #1


Cramhole is a comic book written by Amy Shapiro and Billups Allen. Cramhole is about life and how not to live it to its fullest potential.

Cramhole #1- $3 postage paid

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