Wednesday December 16, 2015


Cramhole 4 enters at

Upshur Books
827 Upshur St. NW
Washington D.C. 20011

with a short story film show featuring photos by Ben Tankersley

and a power point presentation about The Dark Ages

Also new shirts and bags

back issue bundles,

…and very few other surprises.

Come on down for Cramhole 4

It’s a zine, and very little else.

Ben Tankersley

We’ll also be selling zines and junk at the Black Cat rock ‘n’ shop December 20th.







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Here’s a nice mention about the book in Decibel.



Here’s a nice mention in Fangoria about a short story project I’m psyched to be a part of:

Healing Monsters



Lunchmeat #8 is out now. 
Lunchmeat #8


The League ebook is up on Amazon now.


The League

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The League by Billups Allen

Failed diets, dead end jobs, and crippling social anxiety weigh heavy on Martin Selby. As he settles into his new life in the small desert town of San Ramos, California, his psychological health worsens until he meets Chuy: an overweight ex-boxer whose confidence and strength gives Selby new hope. His newfound happiness teeters when his new hobby becomes an obsession.

Billups Allen’s interest in writing began writing lyrics for punk rock bands Shoutbus and Corn on Macabre. Lyrical duties led to poetry and short stories. He graduated from the University or Arizona with a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Media Arts. He now lives in Washington D.C. where he freelances, writes Cramhole comic zine and contributes regularly to film and music magazines.

$12 + $5 postage


I finally moved ahead with self publishing The League this week. I went through one of those cheapo book printing orgs, so I hope it turns out okay. I hope to have Cramhole 4 printed at our usual print house, but I felt I’ve been so stagnant lately that I needed a win. This “package” includes a download through Amazon and B&N. I know it’s not very punk, but I’m just figuring it out. I’ll put up a link here. I’ll post again when the hard copies arrive.

Otherwise, things are going well. Still drawing CH4 and settling back in to a new life in DC. I’m doing a reading on February 13th at Smash. I don’t know if the books will be there, but that’s the hope. I’ll post a flyer when/if I get one.

The big DC record show was last weekend. I had a good time, except I didn’t see too many of you there. There is a whole new gen of people buying records it seems. Every year, someone sends me an article about how vinyl is making a comeback. I guess over it’s true. It’s time for a CD resurgence now. Let’s make ‘em cool for the first time. The Smash booth was so busy, I didn’t have much time to shop, but here’s a recent score. Seriously good and seriously tan.



I’ve been sending out some re-ups in anticipation of working on Cramhole #4.

Here are links to a few new stores currently carrying Cramhole:

Steady Sounds Richmond, VA

Record Grouch Brooklyn, NY

Co-Op 87 Brooklyn, NY

We’re still going strong at Smash! Records- Washington DC and through Pioneers Press

Sadly, Tucson oasis Toxic Ranch Records is closing its doors this year. I worked there for a year while I was living in Tucson and it was a great store.

Here’s a nice piece about them in the Tucson Weekly.


So, it’s been a while. 2013 has had its middle finger lodged firmly in my ass, but I’m back in DC., working on a new Cramhole and working a new dog walking job. I’m also filling in at Smash. After cancer and divorce, things are coming together. I’m also reunited with my computer, so look for more updates on things coming up. This year will finally see the publication of The League and hopefully Cramhole #4 with new artists and no cancer anecdotes. I’m leaving that for the experts.
Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive over the last few months. In spite of how shitty things have been, I had a nice time travelling to Austin, being a part of Ben Tankersley’s wedding, and spent some time in Mississippi with my grandfather and at flea markets. I wrote some stories and am still doing reviews for  Razorcake.
So here I am restating my intention to post more and looking forward to a productive year. I stored my computer without remembering my passwords, otherwise I might have posted more from the road. Below is the cover of the next Cramhole and an article I wrote about a film called Nightmares (1983).

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